How To Pick The Best Networking Opportunities


The world is a global village. The mantra of today’s world is – stay connected or become redundant. Networking allows you to interact with the best brains in your field of interest and take your business forward.

This article discusses the top six reasons why you should consider networking. It also gives you a step by step guide to choosing the best networking event that will take your networking skills to new heights and gives you an insight into the world’s best d2c conferences.

Why Should You Attend Networking Events?

A networking event, or business conference, is one of the most popular ways to increase business connections. The six best reasons why you should consider attending a networking event are:

1. A Networking Event Takes No Time To Make Strangers Your Friends

The ability to meet and talk to countless experts is what makes a networking event one of its kind. After all, where would you find such like-minded people who would be as interested as you in turning thoughts into actions?

2. A Networking Event Increases Your Visibility

You may use a networking event to inform others about your products or services and you and your company’s USP. No other event promotes your brand as quickly as a conference.

3. A Networking Event Deepens Relationships

A networking event is often more than a platform where you meet strangers and turn them into your friends. It also acts as a potential hunting-ground for meeting old business acquaintances. All you need to make it successful is to follow them up once the event is over.

4. A Networking Event Helps You to Stay Relevant to the Needs of the Industry

As you will meet people from multiple fields and with varied skills, you may use the event to augment your knowledge about the industry. Only such events can bring you close to the stalwarts from whom you can learn, put it on a test, and use the knowledge to improve your business acumen.

5. A Networking Event Brings You Close to Suppliers and Other Important Resource Persons

Just like you visit an event to meet business providers, some other professionals visit there to seek business. Use a networking event to find out business partners, as well as to find key people who can help you in taking your business forward.

6. A Networking Event Improves Your Speaking Skills

A networking event not only brings you close to experts, but it also hones your public speaking skills. Listening to expert public speakers can open a new horizon for you.

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The Guide to Choosing The Best Networking Event

Although it is not hard to find a networking event, it takes specialized skills to identify the best ecommerce conferences that are not scams. Read on to find out how you can choose the best networking events to reap the maximum dividend.

1. Gather Details About the Venue

Let’s face it – you cannot find the right type of people around a shady venue. A venue is the first thing to watch out for when you are thinking about attending a business conference.

Venue and location are the two most important things to consider to decide whether the time you spend will be rewarding or not.

2. Read About The Attendees

Social media groups have made it easy to stay in touch with people who matter. Use this to find out more about the people who will attend the conference. Some popular networks where you can create an account to gather details are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other such networks.

Finding out details about the attendees will allow you to frame your pitch accordingly.

3. Search People With Likeable Qualities

As the saying goes, ‘First Impression is the Last Impression.’ Nothing can be closer to the truth. Whether it is a social or a professional event, we rarely pay attention to people who do not attract our attention at first sight.

Browse through the list of attendees and find out who can be your first point of contact once you join the ranks at the event.

4. Look For People You Already Know and Share A Rapport With

Before you decide to join a conference, find out people in common and use the information to break the ice. Mutual connections are an excellent way to strike a chord with a stranger. Learn about the speaker’s affiliations and interests well in advance, though.

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5. Target The Right Audience

At a business conference, you would find people from all walks of one or multiple businesses. But not everybody would suit your bills. The key is to define your goals -the right type of audience that might turn into your customers.

Once you identify the right kind of people, it is a matter of time before you use your speaking prowess and business acumen to turn them into revenue-creating engines.

6. Evaluate The Key Outcome and Stay True to Your Business Values

You would find many people who come out of a business conference feeling overwhelmed. Ask them the reason, and they would tell you how difficult it was for them to differentiate between useful and unimportant stuff.

As a networker, it is your task to identify the reason why you are at a conference. Find out the things you wish to take away with you and which things you have to reject. Your business values will determine the things that are important and the things that are not.

7. Find Events That Will Empower You With More Than You Already Know

The Chinese philosopher and politician Confucius said, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” The adage is true in case of a networking event.

A conference that does not teach you anything new should not be your main focus. Instead, try to find an event that will take your knowledge to newer heights and give you a reason to expand your horizons.

To Summarise

These conferences can help you build connections that would otherwise take you months to build in a matter of days. Do proper research when it comes to selecting the conference and watch as it helps you expand your business.