Best iPhone Games you Must Play


If you are looking for the best iPhone games, then we must tell you that you have reached the right place. You must have got the latest iPhone, but to escape from a boring life, you need to have games in it. Games must be exciting, and while playing you must feel the eagerness to reach the next level, and those games are called as the best iPhone games. You can easily download these games from the iTunes store.

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Given below are some of the best iPhone games that you can play and escape from the web of boring.


Check out the videos below in order to understand the gameplay

Hitman Go

As we all know Hitman is known for the open end world where you can do almost anything you like. In this game, you are offered with a bunch of smart and tricky puzzles. The difficulty level increases as you reach the next level. You won’t find it much like the real Hit man series but its fun to play always.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you are a fan of racing games, then this game is for you. It’s totally top-notch and will give you a realistic gaming experience. Asphalt 8 Airborne is a game where speed is the primary weapon for you to win. In career mode, you can start your own career as a racer.

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Framed is a game where you find a comic book in order to read and understand the twist. You as a player can modify the frames to get the final outcome.

Knightmare Tower

This game is a bit like Doodle jump. You will jump around, and you can even tilt the phone in order to move your character from right to left or vice versa. If you are looking to fly even higher in order to reach the tower, then it’s better to swift the enemies off.

Device 6

This game is full of puzzles and mysteries. This game is made only to play with touch screen devices. The theme of this game is based on fiction, and so you will go through sin adventure. This game needs a lot of reading.

Why play these games?

Playing these games is a lot of fun, and you choose the game that suits you. Though some of the games are free and some are paid, but spending on those is really worth it.

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you must try out these games but do not get addicted because addiction is dangerous.


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