Play with the Best iPhone Apps for Photo Editing

With a smartphone in your hand, you can click loads of images on the go, and if you have an iPhone, then it is no less than a professional camera. Now, as you have clicked one, and want to give a special touch to your image, then there are some apps, specially designed for iPhones to work along and according to your imagination. So here we present you some of the best apps for photo editing as recommended by the experts and professionals.


Snapseed is one of the most popular photo editing apps containing the powerful collection of tools and filters which can amazingly transform your images. Now Google (developer of Snapseed) has recently released Snapseed version 2.0 with lots of fun filters and textures, including the most popular, Grunge filter.

Download Snapseed free from  iTunes

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VSCO (Visual Supply Company) is known for creating film emulation presets, designed for creating classic and modern analog films. It contains highly effective editing tools, whose sharpness and contrast can be adjusted according to the needs. This is one of the best iPhone apps for photo editing.

Download VSCO free from  iTunes

Filterstorm Neue

Now this app contains features and editing controls of more powerful desktop apps like Lightroom and Photoshop. Its features like curves control,fine tuning of brightness and contrast, masking brush as well as radial and linear gradient filters make this app one of a kind and can take your photography to another level.

Price $3.99, download Filterstorm Neue from  iTunes

Picsart Photo Studio

This app is considered as an all-in-one app. Along with its many features, it provides you with the function of adding text and stickers to your images. You can import the images from different social sites and can merge them to create your own photo collage. Apart from these, it is rich in photo editing tools and filters.

Download PicsArt Photo Studio for free from  iTunes

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Photo Toaster

Photo Toaster is very simple to use and gives a broad range of filters, frames, effects and much more to apply. Also, you can touch-up your images with selective colors to touch-up brushes, something which is available only with Photo Toaster.

Price $2.99, download Photo Toaster by East Coast Pixels fro iTunes

After Focus

This app has a unique feature called as shallow depth of field effect, which focuses the attention of the viewer to the main subject of the image, especially if you feel the background is too busy or too disturbing. Now thats something which can be done only with the help of professional cameras. You have just only to mark foreground and background, and then see the magic. Try out this iPhone app for photo editing, and we are sure that you will love it.

Price $0.99, download After Focus App developed by MotionOne from  iTunes

Touch Retouch

This app can be specifically used to remove an unwanted element from your image. What you have to do is highlight the element you want to delete and tap start. It will then adjust your image with the pixels of the surrounding area.

Price $1.99, download Touch Retouch App developed by Adva-Soft from  iTunes

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To make your pictures a visual treat for the viewer, all you need some apps that will help you according to your requirements. Each app described here is no less than the other, but are designed to achieve a particular task. Now its your turn to try one of the best iPhone apps for photo editing.

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