10 Best Font Apps for Android to Change Font Style


Best Font Apps for Android:- Fonts are another great way to turn your android text more calligraphic. Who doesn’t love to see superb font styles? These little beautifying elements are significant while preparing notes, documents, messages, and writing emails from your android. A catchy font style is more likely to grab the reader’s attention too. Here are the 10 Best Font Apps for Android to Change Font Style and revamp your text format.

Best Font Apps for Android 

Best Font Apps for Android

Gone are the days when you had to deal with the boring fonts while texting or preparing notes on your phone. Are you tired of using the preinstalled fonts style, there must be something you need to try to stay amazed. You can customize much more than what you want; here‘s what you need to look at.


HiFont takes the number one spot on Top 10 Font Apps for Android because of loads of features. This app is designed to turn your phone’s fonts into the coolest and most stylish ones. Feel free to download as many fonts as you want, change their size, style, and format as you please. If you are more into animated or comical style fonts, do try this app to explore formatting options. It’s free to turn your device more attractive using HiFonts app.


Next comes Fonty- the ultimate font style changer app for Android. This app gives you a chance to be the editor and customize font size, color, and formatting using your own creativity. Now you can use your imaginations on limitless font customization options where you can draw your own letters, use shapes, cut and splice, and even add awesome clipart. This app supports 15+ international languages and brings more convenience to you; it also helps you customize via a use guide to correct errors. Its auto-save feature is another reason to keep it on the second spot here.


TextSwag is a perfect tool to transform your words into beautiful text-based designs without letting you waste time. It’s an instant solution to create stylish quotes for Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. You can also create cool and attractive graphics, even caption your memories. All the fonts you see in this app are hand-picked to make your phone look good. These designs you choose are endless as you are not using templates; the designs TextSwag brings you are all generated by this app.

Stylish Fonts

With the sole motive to provide a stylish look to Smart Phone with attractive Fonts, this free app proves its worth. You can easily decorate the text with different styles and symbols on your phone with preinstalled 50 Stylish fonts. Once you are done formatting to your liking, you can share your art work with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Its massive collection of stylish fonts can be used for elegant writing and cool text fonts on multiple messaging apps & social media directly by Keyboard. Its bio creator tool lets you create bio status within seconds with a myriad of Stylish fonts support.  10 million+ users have already installed it; you might be the next to know how exceptional it is.

Font Changer

Want to give a whole new look to your social media status? Try the free Font Changer app to get creative. This app is well-known for creating the coolest messages, status, and stories on social media with over 110 special fonts and 140+ different unique styles. Kill boredom and dive into a new world of handsome and elegant texts as you stun the readers how it happened. Add more beauty to your captions by changing font colors, applying transitions to it, and adding filters in just a few taps. Font Changer is a valuable tool for Android 8.0 and above versions that can magically turn your words into unique photo text designs.

Magic Fonts Style

If you still love that classical font style used is a wonderland, Magic Font Style would suit you best. This app is one of the best font style apps for android containing the latest font styles and formatting options. You’ll find some unique flip fonts for your android device, which you can apply directly to your phone using the direct, quick settings. Magic Fonts Style is a quick and easy solution with a simple user interface and easiest toolset to use. Since it’s free. The only source of income for the developers is through ads, which can seem annoying to some users.


iFonts App comes as one of the funkiest apps to change your font style. With over 300 font styles to choose from, you don’t need to Copy & paste the styles, and you can use each font style directly from the library. You can simply use your keyboard to select any font style listed in the iFonts library, opt for cursive, bold, italic, flipped, or gothic styles to use a specific formatting style in social media or texting. Its vast database of font styles is enough to keep you occupied for a while. Since every font style is unique that it’s hard to choose the best one.      


zFont is supported son all the types of Android and works effectively as a reliable tool to change font styles. This app is the only one here that keeps you away from thoughts about whether your phone is rooted or not. You can use its different font styles to change font styles and formatting. Color your text, add catchy captions to your pictures, and share them with your buddies on social media. This app is free to use for custom fonts, and if it doesn’t seem to work out with your android device, report it to the developer team, they are the fastest to troubleshoot your problems.

Gothic Fonts

Do you like witchcraft and the gothic world? Gothic Fonts are exactly you need to customize your phone’s font style. This one of the best Flip Font app for android that’s compatible with the Samsung Galaxy FlipFont program. Try using the transitional effects, change the text size, style, and color using Gothic Fonts, and share your creativity through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. This app is available for free at Google Play Store, so you can expect some ads as you run it.


It’s basically a text formatter that you can use for pictures. Install as many as 200 unique fonts on your android phone using Phonto App, rotate the text, flip it, change its color, or its shadow; this app has it all. This app also lets you control other features like line spacing, letter spacing, and blend mode. At zero cost, you can learn to edit text and default font settings on your android. If you want to get rid of ads, opt for its ad-free subscription given in the app settings.

Final Words

If you have a hard time accepting how old and trashy fonts appear on your phone, you certainly need a change. You can pick any of these 10 Best Font Apps for Android to Change Font Style and lighten up your mood. If any other apps are worth more attention, please let me know in the comments section, and I’ll share your suggestions with everyone. BulletinTech


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