Best FM Transmitter Apps For Your Android in 2017


Music has a soothing effect. That is more so when you are traveling. When you are on a road trip, nothing can be a better companion than refreshing music on the go. FM Radio has always been a great and oldest form of enjoying great music on the move. Smartphone being one of the best personifications of modern technology has included almost all the essential devices that we used to carry along during the olden days. Apart from the built-in FM Transmitter app on your phone, there are several third party FM transmitter apps available on app stores. We will list out the top 5 picks for the best FM Transmitter Apps for your smartphone.

FM transmitter apps

Top 5 FM Transmitter Apps for Your Smartphone

An FM Transmitter App is a frequency modulated transmitter device that can play audio tracks from any portable source. There are several FM Transmitter devices embedded within car stereo, portable media player or a disc player. Since we are concerned with the FM Transmitter apps rather than the FM transmitter devices, we will limit our discussion to the best FM Transmitter apps for Android.You can download FM transmitter for apps from Android market with ease.

#1. TuneLink Auto

TuneLink Auto is by any standard the top apps that come to one’s mind when looking for FM Transmitter Apps in 2017. It is a Bluetooth device that can play the music on your phone through the car stereo system. It plays your music either through FM Transmitter or by means of a cable connection.

FM Transmitter app

If you want to convert your Android device into a complete FM Transmitter, you may need to opt for some additional devices. The Tune Link Auto will provide you the software support for converting your phone into an FM transmitter, but then you will have to opt for an external device. TuneLink Auto provides a device as well. We find it the best option and one of the great apps to use in your car for an FM transmitter.

#2. Quick FM transmitter

Quick FM Transmitter is one of the most popular FM Transmitter apps on Android. It has high rating on Google Play Store.

FM Transmitter app

The app is also available on the iOS app store as well. One of the best features that make Quick FM Transmitter a popular choice is its compatibility with almost any of your devices. Unlike TuneLink Auto featured above, the app does not need any hardware either. It does not occupy much of your hard disk space as well.

However, some of you may not like it since it lacks advanced features offered by some of the competing apps in the genre.

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#3. Tune In Radio

We do not think there are not many smartphone users who have not heard about Tune In Radio. It has almost all the popular radio channels across the globe.

FM Transmitter app

You can find all the stations available in your region. You can either search for a radio station on a geographical basis and even on the city. The app is the best option for listening to sports channels. You can either opt for the paid version at a fee or stay on the free version of the app. The free version, as you have guessed right will serve you occasional ads in the banner format. However, the app offers you a pleasing experience because of the sheer number of the channels that it has on offer.

#4. NextRadio Free Live FM Radio

Want to listen to your local Radio channels on your smartphone? NextRadio Free Live FM Radio is the best choice for you.

FM Transmitter app

The app has been claimed to have excellent features. The primary feature that makes it the best option is that it saves 75 percent of the battery and 90 percent of your data. NextRadio offers a Live Guide option so that you can check out what’s playing on which station. The interface is yet another excellent aspect that makes it a great option for you. NextRadio supports artwork on its albums.

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A good addition to your streaming radio apps collection, excels with its performance. The app can be used to play stations whether local or world stations. It features a simple interface and a pleasing appearance.

Searching for your favorite music tracks is quite easier with It comes with features like bookmarking your most liked radio channels and searching for the similar tracks. You can find the information needed on the tracks of your choice just like Shazam or SoundHound.

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The app is also a good option for looking for your favorite podcasts. also offers you channel recommendations.

Our Take

That would conclude our top picks for the best FM Transmitter apps for your smartphone. If you want to enjoy unparalleled music on the move, we would want you to try out the apps on this list. These transmitter apps should help you connect your smartphones to your car audio systems and let enjoy your favorite songs with ease.

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However, if you want to make use of these apps for FM Transmitting purposes, you need to have the FM Transmitter functionality on your phone. If it does not have one, you may need to buy an FM Transmitter device for use with your phone and then install any of the apps we have featured in our top 5 FM Transmitter apps. Moreover, you have used any of these apps, do share your experience with them. If you have any of your favorite FM Transmitter that has not been listed herein, you can share it here as well.