Top 7 Best English Learning Apps for Android in 2020


Hello friends, we are talking here the most popular and best English learning apps for android. All English learning android app are top rated and most loved by users.

best English learning apps for android:- English is the second most demanding Language after the native Language. Everyone wants to talk in English fluently also learning different dialects let you explore more about your strength or skills. It has become a basic need even if you love your mother tongue, and you will have to learn English for yourself, for your better future.

Best English Learning Apps for Android

Many apps promise you with so many useful apps that will improve your English with a 100% guarantee, but the truth is that these apps will show you a path, and you will have to cover up your journey. So here are some suggested app which will help earn most demanding dialect

Duolingo – Learn Language for free 

Best English Learning Apps android

If you got tired of asking and searching for the best app for learning English, now you do not need to worry because Duolingo App is the best app for discovering English. It is highly recommended for English beginners. This app focuses on your weakness and enlightens your strength in a very fun-loving way. Through playing games, you can learn so many things about English.

All the exercise has been designed in the way to provide the best to the learner more comfortably. Even, if you are a beginner, you do not need to be worried about the difficulty of English.

  • Free Available to learn English
  • Learn English language while playing games
  • Team up with others OR compare with them

Learn Languages Busuu

Best English Learning Apps for android

Busuu is another excellent language learning app that’s helps you learn English+ 12 other Languages on the go, and the lesson’s quality are guaranteed as it is based on the CEFR language framework. With this app you can start Lessons range from beginner to advance level through comprehensive vocabulary, lesson dialogue, writing practice, and tests. Busuu can be a batter English app if you want to improve your spoken English skill.

With this app, you can talk with English speakers to practice your speaking, and it’s a great way to practice your English speaking.

  • Speaking lesion, basic exercises and pronunciation exercises
  • Grammar tips and exercises
  • Learn by listening audio samples
  • Dialogue lesion and exercises

Learn English with Babbel 

Best English Learning Apps for android

It offers basics conversational skills. Babbel is much committed to its vocabulary. So when you come into contact with this app. You learn so many unique words which you never knew in your life. This app has four stages for you to grow – Sound Recognition, Picture Recognition, spelling, and Fill in the blanks. This app believes in quality rather than quantity. You can easily track your growth in learning.

There app will be current day to day use topics where you will learn very basics things such as how to introduce yourself, food ordering, and make travel arrangements. Babble has declared that it will be possible to have real chat or conversation as soon as possible.

  • All English learning courses developed by experts
  • Very detailed lesion (one lesion lasts 15 minutes on an average)
  • Content available for offline use

Memrise | Learn Language free

Best English Learning Apps for android

Like the above-listed language learning app for android, Memrise is also a creative and easy way to learn/ remember words for learning English. The key feature of this app is to help you expand your vocabulary by learning English words in a very effective way. The language learning app also offers an offline mode to continue learning Language without an internet connection. The app will start using its spaced repetition system to help you to begin learning the numbers of new English vocabulary words very quickly.

  • Learn to Speak 20+ languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French etc
  • Watch to learn native speaker videos
  • Practice speaking like a local
  • Pick useful phrases everyday, improve listening skills

Improve English: Word Games Best English Learning Apps android

There are many ways through which you can learn about English. Words game will help you in the slow progress of understanding. Your vocabulary will improve through it, and your knowledge of power will enhance.

Anyone can easy understand or learn with the help of this application. Whether it be a teacher or student, it helps both. Teachers get new kinds of stuff to provide their students to learn something new in the best possible way, in a more fun way.

Speaking Pal 

Best English Learning Apps android

So herewith the company of speaking pal, your hunt is over. Learn English with the help of a speaking pal, be friends with it. This app is considered the most useful application for learning English. This app work on voice recognition technology which helps you in native speakers to enhance their pronunciation. There are two levels: level 1 is free with 16 stages for teaching English and level two, which is paid, it has 100 steps to teach English, which is enough to make you fluent in English.

English Grammar Ultimate 

english gramer unlimited

If your goal is to focus on English grammar improvement, then English Grammar ultimate is the best option. You will learn from basics to standard grammar such as tenses, direct or indirect speech, etc. It also helps you develop language skills by giving several examples of common grammatical errors in conversation and sentences. So many things are given at one stop. If you want to practice articles, you don’t need to go for other apps, English grammar ultimate is enough for it. It also has a stock of useful current materials.

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Final words

Yes, we all know that millions of people are across the globe looking for the perfect English to learn for various purposes. When it comes to handling the business or looking for the business or teaching whatever, English is must as per the current scenario. People with a lack of English knowledge can follow the above mentioned Android applications to download. As per your convenience, you can choose the right one for you and start to access it. Hope the mentioned applications are helpful in learning English in a short span of time before getting into your work at any time.


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