Top 6 Best Download Manager For Android In 2020


Best Download Manager For Android:- Android Download managers are mainly designed for the users to have control over the download in There phone. Some download manager apps have an accelerating capacity when multiple sources are downloaded at same time. By default a stock android manager is pre-installed in any device. Pre-installation download managers provide slow downloading speed and which does not have advanced downloading features.

Best Download Manager for Android

There are many android download manager available in app market. But here we are sharing only best and most downloaded download manager app. Let’s have a look best android download manager for your Smartphone.

ADM (Advanced download manager)

best download manager for android

Advance Download Manager is one of the best and powerful android downloading app which allows you to download any type of files. The capacity of 3 files can be downloaded at once on your android device. ADM have an inbuilt browser which supports multiple tabs at same time and has advanced downloading capacities. This has a lot of cool features that support in quick downloading. Depending upon the file type several downloaded folders can be chosen.

  • ADM is able to enhance the file downloading speed using multi threading.
  • Runs the download file in the background & saved in the SD card.
  • Available on home screen widget.
  • Set download only through internet OR Wi-FI

IDM (Internet download manager)

best download manager for android

One of the most popular and trusted download manager for android is internet download manager. It is much flexible to download any type of files. The company claims IDM downloading speed is five times faster than other download manager. It is free to use and UI is very simple. From any default browser, the file can be downloaded by using link share or through email.

  • IDM is 5 time faster download and download progress indicator with multi threading.
  • Very Simple and user friendly interface that allow any file size even when they are unknown.
  • Top browser features include tabbed browsing.

 Loader Droid

best download manager for android

 Loader Droid is very easy download manager and also free to use. The fast download option is done by splitting downloaded file into parts. While download any file we can even pause and schedule for a later. Any small OR big file size can be downloaded and it can be saved to your SD card. Overall this app is also great to download file.

  • Auto-recognition of all downloads links from any browser.
  • User friendly interface with customized dark and light themes for the interface.
  • Scheduled downloads includes auto-pause when connection lost and auto-resume when connected with internet
  • Will work in any type of network connection, Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Turbo Download Manager

This is another excellent android app which supports to download even a low bandwidth file. Speed boosting option is done by using multiple connections and fine-tuning. During anytime the download can be paused when connection lost and resumed. It will give you notification even if the screen is turned off.

  • Configuring download direction settings.
  • Supports files of any type and any size even in the very big file.
  • Downloading process tab include Completion notification.
  • Runs the download in the background and can process up to 10 times faster.

Download Accelerator Plus

Download accelerator plus is a powerful android downloader. The app option of maximum speed limit can be kept for downloading. Downloading can be directly linked to SD card. You can even download the backup data by opening the Google account. Smart error handling feature is used to prevent from downloading thread interruption.

  • Auto detects downloadable links from any website.
  • Inbuilt browser with feature to save the history and bookmark the pages and more file extensions. Also can download from QRcode scanning.
  • Auto-stop and resume interrupted downloads due to any failure or lost of internet connectivity.

Fast Download Manager

Fast download manager is another great android download manager. With this app files can be downloaded easily and quickly. You can download all type of files can and many files can be downloaded simultaneously by applying queue mode. This download manager allows you to navigate the files to the download location and allows to manage the old and new files directly from the downloading app.

  • Faster downloads up to 10 multi-threads
  • Run downloading in the background and enables to pause and resume at any point.
  • Easily download number of files simultaneously
  • Add your favorite site for quick access.


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