Top 10 Best Custom ROM for Android in 2020


Best Custom ROM for Android:- The biggest reason why you need a custom ROM is to keep your phone from turning into a fossil in the market flooded with the latest smartphone technology. As an Android geek, you may need to test firmware to tweak your rooted smartphone. If you have already rooted your device, these 10 best custom ROM for Android are definitely what you need the next.

Why you Need Custom ROM for Android?

Users prefer custom ROMs because most companies release support for their smartphones after a couple of years from launching. Keeping your device updated is not the only reason why you may need firmware; a custom ROM is just a step ahead to revamp your phone’s features and appearance. All this you can accomplish without using system bloatware.

There are numerous custom ROMs now that you can try to fix your android device and keep it in the living mode. Let’s roll along with the page and find out which ones are the best for you.

Best custom rom for android

Best Custom ROM for Android

1. Pixel Experience

The Custom ROM Pixel Experience (Google) comes atop the list, which is the best ROM for Android right now. The app Pixel experience is created by Google to bring Pixel features on a wide range of compatible devices like Google Cam (GCam), Google Assistant, and Live Wallpapers. Don’t be fooled by its name; Pixel experience takes coverage for Xiaomi, Asus, Realme, and Samsung smartphones too. This custom ROM is impeccable when it comes to stability.

2. Lineage OS

LineageOS is based on Google’s Android Open Source Project code with its additional custom code to it. LineageOS effectively works as the source code for several other custom ROMs. Focusing more on transparency, its predecessor ROM CyanogenMod supported many android devices officially and unofficially by theirs as well as other developers’ help. LineageOS has a compact launcher and especially focuses on camera quality along with built-in apps to let you save your phone’s memory.

3. Resurrection Remix

Taking the third spot on the list of 10 best custom ROM for Android is Resurrection Remix ROM with the most extensive customizable features. It offers tons of features besides being preferred as your daily driver. RR has been inspired by OmniRoms, LineageOS, SlimRoms, and original Remix ROM versions. You may also find it familiar kind of firmware that combines performance, customization, and power all in one.

4. Evolution X

Evolution X grabs the 4th place on the list of best custom ROMs for Android. It’s reloaded version of the other three ROMs and is more stable than Resurrection Remix. A range of features and capability to merge various code snippets into one project simply makes it outstanding among its counterparts. You can make system-level changes via its customization bar without stressing out on the system resources.

5. CarbonROM

It’s a suitable choice for you if you own any of the latest Android phones such as OnePlus, Sony, Google, or Samsung. CarbonROM follows a simple and straightforward method to restyle your phone and save its power. You can still find it in the online market to gift your old phone with a new life. Turn your old mobile phone into a new one based similar to the one running on Android 9. There are no reports of the crash of failures so far, which gives you another reason to choose it as most secure ROMs for android.

6. Paranoid Android /Quartz10

Prevailing as one of the best custom ROMs a few years back, Paranoid Android has made a comeback polished and stylishly. Supporting fewer features means less trouble for system resources. Earlier known as Paranoid Android, this time developers have renamed it to Quartz10 offering firmware for Xiaomi and OnePlus devices. It’s also one of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), delivering unique features packed in the navigation bar.

7. AOSP Extended

Based on the Android Open Source Project, this custom ROM is a perfect fit for a modern-day modder. It offers a smooth user experience and tuned performance to your android phone. Alias known as AEX ROM, it provides stock UI with a handful of customization features as well as substratum theme engine. The developers have put multiple useful features and merged into this one simply to improve efficiency and extend the battery life.

8. Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is akin to AEDX ROM and also categorized as AOSP custom ROM known for its stability. The other dimension dirty Unicorn works in is the tremendous customization capability. It does not get affected in terms of stability even if you have more and more options to tweak. The developers have kept their efforts par exceptional helping users save their battery life with Dirty Unicorns.

9. Bootleggers Rom

Bootleggers is a different make based on Ground Zero Open Source Project (GZOSP) that offers custom features with only useful apps on your phone. This firmware packs custom wallpapers, fonts, and tones besides being compatible with stability. So far, Bootleggers ROM has done a remarkable job by bringing your old phone to a new refreshing life.

10. Havoc-OS

Havoc-OS maybe the last one on the list of 10 best custom ROM for Android, but certainly steals the limelight. It is the newest project and has gained far more appreciation from the world users due to its customization features. Havoc-OS is second to Resurrection Remix when it comes to offering customizability. This project is also the AOSP type and offers heavy customization to the users. That said, a heavy custom ROM has stability issues for sure.

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Wrapping Words

Custom ROMs are a new way to bring out new looks, life and features to in your mobile. Opinions dwindle as there are both the sides to a custom ROM. The more features mean less stability for your device. Keep trying every single firmware to test and find whether it deserves your attention or not. These were my best mentions in the 10 best custom ROM for Android, what are yours? Do let me know.


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