Top 10 Best Cache Cleaning Apps for Android


Best Cache Cleaning Apps for Android :- Cache cleaning is most important part of your internal storage in any device  such as Android smartphone, computer system, etc. Where the device save data for quick and easy access. For your information, any app OR software is using this storage to put temporary information. When an android app needs to access data, it first checks in cache settings and then it examines the storage space. Sometime, cache (waste) takes more space that cache checking takes enough or more time.

These additions of cache make any device slow. However, Android has an excellent memory management system, but it is also useful if you can take care of cache cleaning by yourself. If your device is hanging or running slow, then you should clean the cache to improve the device running performance. Its easy task to clean cache from your android device but if you are not doing manually than there are many android apps available who clean cache from your android smartphone.

Best Cache Cleaning Apps For Android

In below list we are listed some of the best and top rated Android cache cleaning apps which will clean your device cache very quickly.

Phone Cleaner – Cache Clean, Android Booster Master

Phone Cleaner is one of the popular and all-in-one cache cleaning app for any Android devices. It comes with the user-friendly and attractive UI. The app helps you to quickly clear cache and browsing history from any app or your device. You can either select individual app or multi apps and clear cache from them at once. The app also works as a task manager helping you to stop an app if not necessary.

  • One of the best Junk file cleaner
  • Able to Scan, block and remove virus
  • Detect fake wi-Fi and unauthorized connection
  • Speedup android device by freeing RAM

DU Speed Booster

Best Cache Cleaning Apps For Android

DU Speed Booster is also the best Android cache cleaning apps trusted by millions of people all over the planet. The app is capable of optimizing background apps, frees memory space, and removes unnecessary junk. You can perform all these things with just one click. Not just these, the app also keeps your android smartphone cool for a long time.

  • Boost phone internal and memory
  • Security and antivirus
  • Junk file cleaner

Power Clean – Anti Virus Cleaner and Booster App

Best Cache Cleaning Apps For Android

Power Clean is another useful app designed to clean your phone device and optimize its space. With a single click, you can easily clean the junk files and optimize the device’s storage. The app also allows you uninstall, backup, and share apps. The app also has a built-in app locker to use all these features.

  • One of the powerful junk cleaner
  • Powerful booster
  • Memory booster, app lock, app manager
  • Duplicate photo finder and remover

AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner, Memory & RAM Booster

Best Cache Cleaning Apps For Android

AVG is another popular app used for Cache cleaning on an android device. This app is designed by a well-known antivirus security software company AVG. The app also enables you to erase your call and text history, browsing history, and cache.

  • Clean junk files, Cache files, Memory, Unwanted applications and bad & similar photos
  • Optimize and extend phone’s battery life

Ace Cleaner – Boost Speed Free

Ace Cleaner is similar to another Android cleaning app which optimizes your phone for an excellent performance. It offers various impressive features such as Ace file Boost, Silent Notification, Battery saving mode, and CPU Cooler.  You can clean Ad junk, cache junk files, memory (RAM) junk files, APK files all easily erased just by Ace Clean.

  • AD Junk, Clean Junk, RAM Junk, APK files all erased just one click
  • Single tap totally boosted all stubborn and auto apps
  • Also a great app lock

Turbo Cleaner – Antivirus, Clean and Booster

Turbo Cleaner is a popular app to boost your phone’s performance. It can easily clean backgrounds files, stop unnecessarily running apps and free RAM for boosting performance. The app comes with a battery saver feature that can disable unwanted apps from background consuming battery health. It also has a CPU cooler to avoid overheating of the phone.

  • Super junk Cleaner
  • RAM Speed Booster
  • App manager

All-in-one Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox is also a popular cleaner app for android that comes with more than 30 various tools for enhancing your phones speed. All-in-one comes with cache cleaning, junk files eraser, CPU cooler, space booster, many app uninstallers, Quick Charge Mode, and many more features.

  • Best Cache Cleaner, Junk file cleaner, memory booster
  • Batch app installer and uninstaller
  • Battery saver

App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner is an exciting cache cleaning app that allows users to select apps and then clear the cache all at once. User can also clear the cache of any individual apps by selecting them. It comes with a very comfortable interface.

Systweak Android Cleaner

This app is also an exciting app to clean the cache and to boost RAM performance without any intervention. The systweak android cleaner comes with an app manager (task manager) to display the user the information about what apps you no longer use and that you can uninstall. It also comes with a battery saving mode to close background apps.


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