Best Apple Watch Faces You Must Give A Try In 2020


Best Apple Watch Faces 2020: In the present tech-eon, copious amounts of gadget establishments are competing around the globe, coming up with a new bit of development every second. When we look up to having a decent yet best quality smartwatch on our wrists, the first thought which comes to our mind is ‘Apple Watch’.

The Apple Watch comes up with diverse impressive modes, often called ‘faces’. These modes possess real compatibility with what you are wearing, where you are going, or what info you are looking up to. Though the watch does not support third-party watch faces, as some other smartwatches do. But Apple imparts quite a broad-variety stack of watch-faces. So, here’s a glimpse of what you can have with your Apple Watch. Have a look!

Best Apple Watch Faces 2020 For Series 3/4/5

Best Apple Watch Faces

People asking so many questions such as “Can you get more watch faces for apple watch”, “Can you download more watch faces for apple watch” in our social media platforms, so for those special queries, we came up with the latest apple watch faces for series 5, 4 and 3.

  • Simple Watch Face

The name itself justifies the look and feel of the watch-face, i.e. ‘simple’ as it is the simplest looking watch-face available in the Apple Watch. It gives more of a decent-professional look to the watch and goes perfectly with formals and semi-formals as well. This particular watch-face basically comes up as an ‘analogue watch look’ and includes some complications due to the absence of hour-markings like any other analogue wristwatch. I would suggest turning off those complications to have a better, clean, and simple look as you need.

  • Infograph Watch Face

For all those readers who love to wear or have ever worn G-shock wristwatches with a bunch of information such as digital as well as analogue time, date, day, alarm status, etc., the infographic face is a real treat. This face includes a number of on-screen complications. It furnishes a lot of information such as analogue-style time, day, battery level, alarm status, temperature, WiFi status, launching third-party apps like Spotify, etc. which is of course a fully loaded screen-type look for the watch.

  • Liquid Metal/ Fire/ Water Watch Face

If you search for these faces, you would find these as two distinct watch faces. But they provide more or less the same look & feel. Basically, these faces display really impressive animations of fire/water/liquid metal, whichever you go for, along with the simple analogue clock. These faces look really cool and go with casuals and short-trip occasions.

  • Siri Watch Face

I think Siri is now a lot more than a mere AI element in the Apple Devices. It has become a celeb-AI with competitors like Alexa and Google Assistant! Keeping jokes apart, the Apple Watch delivers a Siri Watch Face which basically looks like what an iPhone would’ve looked on your wrist. It gives that standard iPhone lock screen look with a bunch of information and notifications like upcoming events, weather status, sunrise/sunset, etc. so, it particularly furnishes an all-time assistant for you on your wrist.

  • Numerals Duo Watch Face

The classic dual-tone numbering on your wrist and nothing else! This watch-face is what you need with your fully casual outfits and fun outings with your friends. This watch-face looks pretty good with such outfits and give you a clean and clear time-check whenever you need it. You can customize the tone colors with a stock of color schemes available.

  • Meridian Watch Face

Meridian is like a less-loaded version of Infographic. This watch-face offers four on-screen complications with a full-screen view. It includes a display of a classic analogue-style watch with hour-markings. This watch-face gives you a fresh and clean look to the watch along with basic general functions.  I think this is the finest face for the classic analogue-style lovers with regular basic requirements.

  • Solar Watch Face

The best watch face for the true escapade lovers. The readers who are into or love to go on adventures will surely love this watch-face, it gives a look & feel of multiple gadgets and gauges at the same time. It includes complications like solar movements around your location, times of twilight, sunset, dawn, etc. The Digital Crown is adjustable in a way that you can see the positioning of the sun throughout the day. This particular watch-face gives a real look & feel, perfect for hikers, mountaineers, or adventure sports lovers.

  • California Watch Face

California watch-face is a basic classic version of a usual analogue-style wristwatch. The classy look & feel of the face excludes a number of on-screen complications, like in that of Infographic or Meridian. It has the classic style of hour-marking with options including Devanagari, in case anyone needs Hindi numeric dial-markers. It generally offers only two on-screen complications on full-screen and four on the circular one. Also, this face offers one of the prime looking AOD (Always On Display) which goes perfectly with sportswear too. So, all those readers who prefer a clean yet classy look for the watch must try it for once!

  • Photos Watch Face

A lavish number of people prefer to have their customized wallpaper screens on their smartphones and smartwatches. The photo watch face is made for this particular group of people only. Even I sometimes choose to have my favorite picture as the wallpaper for my devices. In this watch-face, you can select up to 24 pictures from your library which would be randomly shuffled and displayed by your watch after every few seconds. Also, you can go for a stable look by selecting only one single picture from the library which would be the face for your Apple Watch.

  • Toy Story Watch Face

“To Infinity and Beyond”, once said the great Buzz Lightyear of Star Command! The majority of us have been Toy Story lovers in our childhoods. Even a number of parents using the Apple watch have their kids as one of those die-heart fans of the Toy Story series. The Toy Story watch-face is for those only. It includes impressive toy story animations and wallpapers as the face of your watch. This may also act as a protection for your Apple Watch from getting broken by your naughty kids as they may find these animations really fascinating and spare your gadget!

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Best Apple Watch Faces At a Glance for All Series

  • Best for formals: Simple/ California (without AOD)
  • Best for casuals: Numerals Duo
  • All-time Supporter: Siri
  • Best Always On Display: California

These are some of the finest Best Apple Watch Faces 2020, that you must give a try once. These are designed according to your personal way of carrying yourself to places and occasions. So, just have a look and customize your Apple Watch Faces Series 3 in the way you want. Do let me know your views on the same in the comment box.


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