Top 10 best Android weather app and Weather widgets In 2020


Best Android Weather App Weather Widgets:- Smartphone’s have made a mark in every field. Whatever is the area, from education to health or entertainment to sports? You will definitely find some application or widget for each region on the Play Store. There is a field like this for which a lot of applications or widgets will be found on the Play Store. In this article, we are telling about some such Awesome and useful Android weather widgets. If you want to know more about the best android widget then for must read our article.

I remember that, I have lived in time where I had to wait for radio, TV news or newspaper to get the weather information in hands. But now it is contemporary era 21st century where everything is available in just a click. You just have to install weather app OR android weather widgets in your android phone keep yourself updated and plan your tours according to your own mood. So here is some cool android weather widgets app which will let you know about the weather predictions easily. Read Also:- Best Android Clock Widgets

Best Android Weather App Weather Widgets

In this list of best android weather widgets apps, we listed all high rated and most downloaded widgets app. So, choose any of the weather widget app and get update info about weather. Let’s start…

1 Weather  

Best Android Weather App Weather Widgets

This is one of the best weather widget for android in the list. The history of this weather app is quiet long than other widgets, this might be reason people find it trusted and dependable app. If you will peep in others Smartphone you will definitely going to find this widget in their phone if they are into live weather forecast. It is streaming features such as live radar, severe weather alerts and many other features which you will go to love.

  • Live local radar with over 25 layer to track thunderstorms, hurricanes, snow etc
  • Up to 12 weeks extended forecast
  • 10+ cool customization widgets
  • 48 hours detailed forecast


Best Android Weather App Weather Widgets

AccuWeater is another great weather widget app. Even you have not used this weather widget yet, you must have heard about AccuWeather, it is famous in the weather games. Here you will get everything from extended forecasts, severe weather warnings, local forecast and live radar. It has a unique feature which is being named ‘MinuteCast’. This feature helps you to know how long until the rain embark on.

  • Weather forecast update minute by minute
  • Severe weather warnings and the live weather forecast
  • Local forecast, live tropical storm radar, temperature contour map etc

Dark Sky 

Best Android Weather App Weather Widgets

Dark Sky is another weather widget app. The name has kept especially showing the theme of the app. It really let you know about dark skies, it means how weather is going to react this time. This app renders ‘hyper-local’ forecast. With the help of this app you will get latest information about when exactly rain is going to began.  There are hardly such people who like to pay for weather apps.

  • Daily and hourly hyper local weather forecast
  • Real time rain storm radar map in live animation
  • Free to use, Ads free option also available
  • forecast alert, location tracking

Weather Underground


Weather Underground is another most downloaded and good rated weather widget app. It provides the information about weather data for very accurate and hyper local forecasts. It has live radar maps, satellite maps and severe weather alerts as well, but the crowd- sourced weather data is what makes this app unique. The app reporting weather enthusiasts live data from over 270,000 personal weather stations.

Its show Temperature in the notification bar, view current weather condition from your local weather station including temperature, feels like, wind speed and direction, humidity, dew point, visibility etc Read Also:- Best Clock Widgets for Android

  • Its show current weather condition including temperature, feels like, wind speed and direction, humidity, dew point, visibility etc
  • Plan for the week with 10 day daily and hourly weather forecast
  • Save your favourite location and recent searches

Weather Wiz

Best Android Weather App Weather Widgets

This one is newly and free to use launched app in the weather forecast list, but still it is faithful for your achieving motto. IBM weather Company provides the data which is a promotable in its unique features. The weather widget app offers you 10 days weather forecasts of the local weather and weather radar features.

This app uses the IBM weather data forecasts that shows you most accurate weather report in real time. So, you can easily keep track your local weather situation. You can see a grate UI in this widget. Lets download.

MyRadar Weather Radar

It is topping the list of weather apps. MyRadar Weather Radar app will win your heart by its awesome interface which is streaming on Play Store. This predicts weather pretty well even if you want to know about current conditions or want to indulge into the radar and extended forecasts, Weather Timeline will let you employ all the wonderful tools for collecting information. This widget is extremely customizable with cool settings.

MyRadar is fast weather app, easy to use, that display animated weather radar around your live location. It allows you to see what weather is coming your way.


Another best and easy to use weather widget app is NOAA. It might be sounding weird to you but it has wonderful functions regarding your concern of weather forecast. Those who are Weather forecast buffs. NOAA is the best companion on this path. It gives you information about National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The app show real time weather conditions and provides you with the very detailed meteo information. You can check humidity, wind speed, wind direction, pressure changes and much more.

The Weather Channel

The weather station is the highest rated application in our list. This is globally famous because of its unique feature. It has everything related to weather you are looking for. The app has extended forecasts, current conditions, live radar maps, storm alerts. It is kind of weather forecast you must go for it because you will get everything here.

  • Local forecast and temperatures for daily and hourly updates
  • Check rain forecast, temperature reports and news before 2 week
  • Rain tracker, weather alert, air quality reports and much more

Weather Bug

Weather bug is popular weather widgets app in United Kingdom. If you will peep in the history of weather Bug app you will find it since long existing. This makes it great choice for weather widgets users. It is streaming on the ‘World’s largest network of professional weather stations’.  It has many unique and useful features which other widgets will not give you are; Heat index, pollen count, and UV index.

  • View rain radar and see real time weather condition
  • Show real time weather from over 10000 weather stations
  • Get local weather forecast, current weather condition, severe weather alert, rain reader etc.


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