10 Best Android Apps To Transfer Money Internationally in 2020


Hello Android Users, Here we are sharing a top notch and secure 10 trusted and most popular android apps to transfer money through your smartphone. We will share only highly rated and most downloaded money transfer app for android to transfer money.

We are witnessing such an era where everything has become possible in just one click so even transferring money has too become easy and safe. You even do not need to go bank and stand in line for hours. transferring money through apps made things easy for each and everyone. It does also save time very much. You only just have to download a best transferring money and things will be done in just a click. But if you do not know about these apps, so I am going to tell you here in this tutorial 10 best android apps to transfer money.

Best Android Apps To Transfer Money

Western Union

Best Android Apps To Transfer Money

We have been using Western Union ever science there were no money transfer apps. That’s why, whenever you would have asked for suggestion for a good money transfer app people must have suggested you for western union. So this app is indeed deserves to be suggested by people. It let you pay directly from your account via debit/ credit card. If you want to record track of your payments through mobile so it is also possible on this app.

Using this app you can transfer money internationally to friends, client and family in over 200 countries OR send cash globally to an agent location for pickup.


Best Android Apps To Transfer Money

PayPal is quiet popular among people. I am also recommending this app and using a long while. This app is very good in domestic as well as internationally transfers then this is unmatchable app. It has very tight security which asks you to enter password every time you open up the app.  Today millions of people are using PayPal. I use this app many times to transfer and receive money from international clients.


Best Android Apps To Transfer Money

It is available on the play store with the features of providing international money transfer. This app gives a proper account of money transfer services so that you will up to date. Plus it has one more facility even your husband/ wife is out of country it will be easy transferring money to them.


Best Android Apps To Transfer Money

It has been named purposely and WorldRemit truly justifies its name. As it has feature of transferring money as fast as you send a text, can you imagine, how is it would be to have this app? When money is being transferred both the sender and recipient gets a SMS or email notification.


It is another great money transfer app in list of best android apps for transferring money. It is very much secured and faithful app with a promise of transferring same day, in fact your most of the transfers are done in 10 minutes. If you want you could do one more thing that is personal notes and mark your amount as a gift.

ICICI Money2 India

This app is substitute of ICICI bank. It can be used by both those who have bank on ICICI bank or even those who have not.  It allows you to go easy with life by transferring money at anywhere or anytime in India. If you want you may see the current exchange rates with tracking five more transfers in your mobile. The best part about this app is it is compatible with both iOS and androids.

Transfer wise


In the world of deceive and hatred, it is faithful and brings love into your life by maintaining your peace of mind. It has services like transferring money with faithful source. It has transfer fee of just 0.7%, delivery in working days. You do not need to be worried about additional fees.  Everything you need in money transfer app it has everything.



It is an American digital money transfer app. Earlier only Philippines used to get transfer facility but later it has been made accessible in India too. On this app you will be able to transfer money up to $1,000, without any transfer fee for above $1,000. It gives you quick transfers in many banks including ICICI bank, Citibank, Bank of India, Axis bank etc. It notifies you with text message notification.


If your concern is some cheapest transfer money app then Transfast.com can be great help to you because it has cheapest transfer fee. It gives you freedom of cancelling transfers if your online money transfer is in pending or in delivery process, if you want you could go for cancellation.  All in all it is good app with much help the only thing which you will have to deal with its time, it delivers very late this can irritate you some time.

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These are the list of Best Android Apps To Transfer Money. Hope you like this article. If you have any query OR suggestion related to this tutorial, then do write us in the comment box.


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