Best Amazon Devices Deals You Can Find in May 2020


Do you know that Amazon is likely to offer amazing deals and discounts on many devices such as smart displays, Echo speakers; Fire tablets, and Kindle for e-readers. This is the hottest news on-trend for people, who believe online shopping is the right place for grabbing eye-catching deals. Amazon devices deals in May 2020 are going to be a feast for long customers of Amazon.

On this Mother’s Day, customers can see the best Amazon devices deals, although there might be a delay in shipping because of this vulnerable coronavirus impact. But definitely, May 2020 Amazon deals do not disappoint people who have been waiting for such a moment.

What are the hottest deals Amazon brings you on this Mother’s Day?

Here are the lightning deals of Amazon’s devices deals of May 2020, many of you have been looking for. Make use of it for your essential shopping and avail the special price for your beloved gadgets.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite: 

This is the latest one in Kindle and Amazon is offering you at a price of just $95, while the actual cost of Kindle Paperwhite is $130. The device was available on offers previously but only in the range from $5 to $10. This is the first time that Amazon is offering at this price range, which is a very good deal. However, if you are a much fond e-reader, then you should definitely grab this offer.

  1. Fire Tablets: 

Amazon Fire Tablets is another upcoming deal, which has been reduced at 20 to 25 percent than it was sold before. Even though you would have seen Fire Tablets on offers, it was provided only at 10% offer, whereas this time it is huge. Imagine you get Fire HD 8 at $60 and Fire HD 10 at $110 which is very cheap in all these days of Amazon’s offers and discounts. If you are an Apple iPad lover but could not get any offers to buy, you have to think of grabbing Amazon’s Fire HD tablets offer, which cater more or less similar features to the iPad. Also, Fire HD 7 is available on sale for just $40.

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  1. Echo Speakers: 

When thinking what more Amazon best devices deals could be, here you go with Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 prices at just $50 and $80, respectively. If you do not know what Amazon’s Echo speakers do then you should read this. If you want an Echo speaker with video calling display and splendid smart home controlling features involved then you should take a look at Amazon’s amazing deals. There are more and more surprising deals on the traditional Echo and Echo dot speakers, which may not be as good as you get it on the latest gadgets but you will not be disappointed.

  1. Roku Streaming Stick+: 

Looking for the best streaming device for best rates, then preferring Roku from the Amazon device deals could be the wise decision. Roku is top among streaming devices because you have a plethora of options to deal with. The normal price of Roku Streaming Stick + at Amazon is $50, whereas, with this fabulous deal, you can get it at $39. Moreover, the device provides you with streaming at 4K HDR media quality.

  1. 10.2 inch Apple iPad: 

This is the cheapest iPad you can get from Apple. Though it sounds as cheapest in from the makers, don’t think as it might be loaded with poor configuration. Also, this 10.2 inch Apple iPad brings innovative physical changes in the tablets of Apple. Amazon and also Bestbuy sell the 10.2 inch Apple iPad of 32GB inbuilt memory just for $249.99, whereas the iPad’s normal price is $279, only on this Mother’s Day.

  1. UE Wonderboom 2: 

UE once again proved that they always like to stay top in the lists; their latest Wonderboom 2 is a sweet small Bluetooth speaker that delivers awesome bass effect along with vocals. Many of us well aware that this awesome speaker can be easily portable, meanwhile this wonderful Bluetooth speaker, is now available for $69.99, whereas the normal price is $90, in Amazon.

  1. Anker Power Line II: 

As per the makers claim, the Anker Power Line II will long last 30 times when compared with the other ordinary cables you can buy in the market. Also, the Anker Power Line II can 5 times more durable than other exciting top cables in today’s market. You can buy this 6ft USB-C to USB-C 2.0 cable, half the price low at Amazon i.e. for $6.99, but the normal price sold at Amazon is $12.

  1. Logitech G305 Lightspeed: 

Logitech G305 one among the popular mouse highly preferred by the hardcore gamers across the globe. It is a wireless gaming mouse that comes with the next generation optical sensor with 200 to 12,000 DPI where the regularly sold price at Amazon is $50 and now available for only $39.99.

  1. Yubico Security Key: 

Yubico Security Key comes with the combination of hardware-based authentication and with the U2F and FIDO2 protocols. Besides, users will get public-key cryptography for ensuring their privacy safety. You can now buy this USB-A 2FA security key for $18 at Amazon which saves you $2 compared to its normal selling price.

  1. Aukey PA-D1: 

Most people may not be familiar with this brand Aukey PA-D1, but it is also one of the top moving wall chargers. You get a USB-C wall charger with 30W USB-C PD, USB-A for just $15.32 at Amazon, whereas its normal price is $22. You can make use of the coupon code E2TNFJXY while purchasing.

Bottom Line

These are the top 10 best Amazon Devices deals for the day, but you also have several other products available at a good discounted price. Gaming deals, video gaming deals, TV and home entertainment deals, electronics deals, deals on audio devices, smart home devices, and a plethora of accessories and miscellaneous deals. You can even compare the current price on these products and then purchase it as well.

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Dive into Amazon online shopping app and look for your favorites, and do not miss this fabulous top deals, and make this Mother’s Day a memorable one for your mother. Let us wait and watch who the lucky ones for the day are, hope our article could be the guide you are looking for your special summer shopping this May 2020.