Best Alternatives To Google URL Shortener In 2020


Alternatives To Google URL Shortener: Urls, casually are pretty long text forms to share anywhere space is limited. where it feels unnecessary to share lengthy texts, let’s say in social media posts. The only alternative is to reduce its the length to where one can find it easy to remember, copy and paste.

URLs from social networking pages and from those digital marketing services. these days are embedded with so many UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters and few other tracking modules. Which makes the overall URL length to a point of where one cannot see and remember to type in a search engine.

Thus, the URL shortening services play a great role indeed in shortening those lengthy URLs but also in tracking the traffic sources and providing graphical metrics. Url shorteners are also useful I shortening the long URLs into just several characters long which can even represent the original content.

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Url shorteners are basically tools programmed with algorithms to shorten the URLs, either with a custom domain of choice or just a standard domain name with accessibility to change the rest of the characters which can represent the original content.

Best URL Shorteners Alternatives To Google URL Shortener

  1. Tinyurl


Tinyurl the oldest organization which have started the URL shortening service for the public. It is still free URL shortener tool for all, making itself a non-profit organization providing great features alongside link shortening. Apart from the site design being so boring, the features tinyurl providing are attractive and are enough for a free user to start create never expiring shorten links.

It offers a toolbar for the desktop browsers, which is a script running on JS allows the user to input their lengthy URLs to minify directly. Which saves quite a bit of time if compared to visiting the official site for shortening the links.

The site even provides an option to enable and disable the preview the links features, the name itself speaks. Yes, anyone visiting your shortened link can see what’s the redirected link looks like and thus improving the trust factor.


Adfly is the first ever site which known to have started providing monetization on shortened links which have a valid traffic. It is known for its uniqueness, as the adverts, it advertises are all 18+ above and were not promoting any fake offers or malware.

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When someone opens their shortened link, the link while redirecting wait for 5-10 seconds while also showing an ad from their advertisers. Apart from URL shortening adfly also provides advertisements right into your website, just after installing few needed scripts onto your site.

Unlike Tinyurl, adfly lets you use their API which you can install in an app, website or widget to create adfly links on the go. Graphical statistics are provided with clear details of views, CPC, rpm and many more regarding the amount earned. They pay the user based on the number of views the links get, and they are calculated and paid out as minimum like $5.


Bitly is one of the first and best free URL shortener tools out there in the market which is providing branding for the urls. Bitly comes in a free plan where it usually provides 10k non-branded shortened link limit and 500 branded inks limit.

Bitly’s paid i.e enterprise plan for digital marketers provide few other interesting features such as OneView, extended limitations on branded links, reports, data management, adminship for the accounts, campaigns and much more.

Enterprise plan provides great support for the users, statistics in real time, and also dynamic link support where a user can share their share their links for better app integration, web page interaction.


SHORTE.ST is similar to adfly but more like on steroids. SHORTEST is a very well designed custo url shortener tool with an algorithm that serves premium ads, better tools for WordPress and Blogger platforms. The shortner website provides ads in the intermediate page which opens every time when a user clicks on the shortened link.

Shortest rolls in very intuitive ads which allows for a greater CPC. It even has a parent script with options to modify and add up your own codes to make your own custom script. The custom script from Shortest has variable ways in showing the intermediate ads.

You can make specific links of your website to show the intermediate ads or even set all the links in your blog to show ads when clicked. Ads such as entry intermediate ads or exit intermediate ads are also allowed which can show ads while entering the site for the first time and even while exiting the site.

You can even set triggers, timeouts for callouts, here the popup ads and finally, you can limit the number of ads shown to a single visitor. Shortest is seems to be one of the smartest link shorteners.


T2M or is a unique problem solving featured web service custom url shortener tool of its kind. T2M sets a different example for URL shortening tools out there by providing 3 different plans, with unlimited link shortening limit.

T2M’s dashboard does provide data of all the shortened links and their statistics for better analytics of the site visitors. It even provides QR codes to every shortened URL and one tap share to your social media handles which is very unique.

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Hide your content with password protected link redirects, which provides an additional layer of user verification.T2M doesn’t even show intermediate ads as it concentrates more on providing service and not on monetization of the shortened links.

With their paid plans such as standard plan and enterprise plan, the user gets additional interesting features. Such as vanity and branded URLs, bulk URL shortening, custom HTTP redirect status code, custom redirecting intermediate pages, and Priority support.

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Conclusion On Sites Like Google URL Shortener

So, are you an affiliate marketer, small business holder, social media promoter, etc? Start shortening your URLs for monetizing your visitors or even for statistical analysis. You can comment down your choice of URL shortening tool service which you are using or have found very useful. Hope you have liked the mentioned URL shorteners which are similar to Google URL shortener.