Learn About The Top Best 10 Entertainment Sites Of 2020


Whether you are into the latest trending fashion & design broadcast, analyzing the latest movies, or understanding what’s going on in the sports world, having the ultimate website or sites that offer all the entertainment is vital.

Telecomasia, for instance, is an example website where you will find everything about finance, reviews, and technology.

In 2020, you need to forget about the entertainment sites that do not cover the top surface or trending news, sports, fashion, gossip, and gaming events. You should know about all the entertainment sites that offer updated events and detailed insights into different categories.

Here, you will learn about the top best 10 entertainment sites in 2020.

E! Online

If you are looking for the number one source of entertainment news that covers almost everything international, then Eonline is your choice.

You will read all the gossips and trending news about your favorite celebrities. All the controversies and wild accusations about celebrities’ daily lives. And that’s not all. Eonline is a platform that has different shows for you to watch and enjoy.

You can watch the latest TV shows like Botched, The Bradshaw Bunch, and the Kardashians in the comfort of your home.

Eonline has recent photos of all celebrities followed on social media.

  • Key Content: News, gossips, and TV shows

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten tomatoes are among the top entertainment sites that offer the latest trending news in the world of movies.

Here, you will read all about the trending movies in 2020, upcoming movies in 2021, and the most anticipated movies to be released.

Rotten tomatoes give you the exact rating of each movie released that has made a hit or miss. If you want to know everything concerning movies or the latest releases in 2020, then rotten tomatoes should be your number one choice.

The ratings help you reorganize the low-budget movies and the big-budget movies.

  • Key Content: Movie analysis


Are you a fan of sports? Or are you just interested in the latest transfers and unexpected moves? Do you prefer reading trending news from international levels?

If your answer is YES, then you need to bookmark talkSPORTS and subscribe to their daily email notifications to receive all the latest sports news before being aired.

talkSPORTS is a sports blog that shares the latest football news, expensive transfers, and everything concerning the world of sports. You can read about boxing, cricket, rugby, wrestling, soccer, and many more sports entertainment gossips and current happenings.

  • Key Content: Sports News and rumors, sports timetable and results


Entertainment Sites

Now, this is a must-have app or website. NETFLIX is a leading television Network over the internet that gives you everything in a single package. With an account, you can watch all the latest TV shows, videos, and movies from all the available genres.

Grab a bucket of popcorns and watch all the trending free HD movies at the comfort of your sofa. If you subscribe to the premium package, you will access over 1 million hours of movies and TV shows per day on either your phone, tablet, or internet TV every day until the subscription expires.

  • Key Content: Movies and TV shows


Entertainment Sites

The rolling stone is not only a popular music-based magazine that talks about the current music culture in the world. There is a website that gives an in-depth of the magazine with more emphasis on music, politics, newsletters, shows, charts, and new album reviews.

There are exciting categories that contain informative pullouts based on your preferences(making it another reliable source of information on the internet).

You can read all about your favorite music artists plus their daily lifestyle on the news section. Oops, and that’s not all. You can even purchase a shirt in the Shop section.

  • Key Content: Music and pop culture

The National Geographic

National Geographic is an entertainment TV network with everything concerning nature and reality.

Though a pay television network, you will enjoy different reality shows, documentaries, and education. Viewers in this channel have confessed to gaining knowledge after watching different shows.

National Geographic is not only available for desktop browsers and app users. There is a TV network on different channels across different continents on the cable system.

  • Key Content: Nature and Reality shows


Games are a great way to relax your mind. If you like to play or read all about new game versions or the trending entertainment news, then you should regularly visit this particular website.

Awwwards.com has different categories of insightful links. For instance, in the technology section, you will find information about game coding. You can filter your search and focus on your preferences.

Awwwards is a digital platform where game designers/developers meet to showcase their talents.

  • Key Content: Games and entertainment


Entertainment Sites

ESPN is predominantly a sports-focused website that shares everything about sports entertainment.

You will find all the rumors and gossips about athletes from across the globe, different sports schedules, and current news in the world of sports.

ESPN is a popular website because they have looked at both local and international sports.

  • Key Content: Sports news, videos, and photos


Ever since YouTube was developed 15 years ago, video-sharing revolutionized immensely. This platform is a significant player in the entertainment industry because of the tons of videos shared across different locations.

Today, you will not only find one type of video. There are different types of videos shared under different channels. There is the entertainment direction, education channels, sports, and lifestyle channels. There’s everything on YouTube.

  • Key Content: Videos (Education, sports, fashion, lifestyle, etc.)


Did you know that you can do more than reading emails on yahoo mail? Yahoo is an online platform that allows you to discover new insights and current trends.

Before being redirected to the email page, you can take a few minutes and scroll through yahoo’s home page. There are different columns with specific news. For instance, there is the finance section, sports section, entertainment, shopping, and weather section.

Key Content: emails, news (Education, sports, entertainment, shopping, lifestyle, and so much more)


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