About 3 Benefits Of Using IVR You Should Read


When you’re running a business, you have to remember all the little details. But one thing you might easily forget is how your customers call into your business.

When your customers call, the best way to help them get answers is through the use of interactive voice response (IVR). With IVR, customers choose from automated options to connect them to where they need to go. Callers can use the touchpad or their voice to select choices and be directed to the right department. Here are three benefits of using an IVR call center.

IVR makes customers happier

Customer satisfaction is a huge priority for any successful business. 73 percent of customers say good customer service is an important factor in their decision to purchase something, 65 percent of buyers say a good customer service experience is more influential than anything else, including advertising. This means that it’s very important to keep your customers happy.

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IVR helps customers feel satisfied by allowing them to solve their own issues quickly, without even needing to speak with a representative (in some cases). By following the automated options, callers can direct themselves to account information, troubleshooting, etc. You can create options for customers to plug in order numbers or tracking numbers and see the status of their purchases.

Simple solutions like IVR help keep your customers happier and more satisfied with your business. Also, customers can access the system at any time, so they are not limited to finding answers only during business hours. When a consumer knows they can get answers to their questions quickly and efficiently, they are more likely to continue buying from you.  

IVR increases productivity

Productivity is always important when you’re running a business since better productivity is directly tied to a more profitable business. You want to make sure everything is working smoothly and quickly. When your business is more productive, your customers are satisfied and your employees are happier.

IVR increases productivity by collecting important data from the callers. This data is then given to the customer service representatives, which means they do not have to waste time at the start of the call trying to collect this information. Because the data is already collected, agents can now focus on spending call time-solving problems and providing customers with answers.

This means that every call is more efficient, so agents can take more calls and customers are happier with their interactions.

IVR uses artificial intelligence (AI)

There are two types of IVR: traditional and conversation. Traditional IVR allows users to choose from a menu of preprogrammed options. Conversation IVR is much more flexible and allows the caller to describe what they need in their own words. This latter IVR utilizes AI, language process and understanding, and speech-to-text technologies.

These advanced systems allow the callers to have a more natural experience that is almost like talking with a live person. The advantage here, of course, is that you do not actually have to have a live person to talk with your customer, which means your productivity and efficiency is greatly increased.

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This way, customers will not become frustrated if they accidentally choose the wrong menu option or the system fails to understand what they’re trying to say. The advanced AI and language processing systems allow customers to have a natural conversation with the system and get answers to their problems quickly.

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If you want to make sure your customers have the most efficient and helpful system for answering their questions, then invest in IVR. You will find that your customers are happier and your business is more profitable and successful, all because you understood the need for a system that is able to respond to your callers’ needs.