Benefits Of Gaming Chairs And Risks Of Unsupported Prolonged Sitting


As someone who spends hours and hours seated in front of your computer screen, you know firsthand the importance of sitting in the right chair (or not sitting in the right chair). And if you’re a gamer, we’ll narrow it down to the right gaming chairs.

We’ve briefly discussed the many health risks of prolonged sitting on an uncomfortable seat cause, and why gaming chairs from are some of the best chair-solutions yet.

Health Risks Of Unsupported Prolonged Sitting

The term “unsupported prolonged sitting” refers to seating that does not safeguard the body either because of design and/or structure. That, and for long periods of time, and on an almost-regular to regular basis.

Back, Hips, Legs, Shoulders, Neck, And Glutes

Contrary to what many believe, that only your back suffers in unsupported prolonged sitting, the truth is that so do your hips, legs, shoulders, neck, and glutes. Whether muscle stiffening to joint-locking, soreness, bone-weakening and curving, and the like, these are the negative impacts of this prolonged-sitting issue.

Left unchecked and untreated, they may even lead to muscle atrophy, spinal curving, arthritis, chronic muscle pain, and stiffness, etc. In addition to these, the lack of motion may lead to weight gain, heart ailments, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis (blood clotting commonly found in leg veins), and the emergence of varicose veins.

Hence, these are the very reasons why we want to bring your attention to the benefits of gaming chairs.

Why Choose Gaming Chairs?

1. Comfort And Overall Well-Being Of Gaming Chairs

A good gaming chair will aid you in preventing the abovementioned bodily conditions. Ergonomic models frequently have a design that follows the “S” structure of your back’s natural contour. Not only does this S-design serve as spinal and pelvic support. It will also reduce the likelihood of slumping, and improve posture.

A reduction in slumping can lessen muscle and joint pain from the pelvis all the way up to the neck and shoulders.

2. Adjustability And Versatility Of Gaming Chairs

Your height and weight are variables that should be considered when choosing a chair. And because mass-manufactured ones tend to have a fixed length and width, the probability that persons incur back pain and/or injuries due to these is relatively high.

Enter, gaming chairs. Their adjustable feature allows you to transform and customize it according to your own sitting height, along the portions of your upper body, and the lower body as well.

3. Durability And Endurance Of Gaming Chairs

The synthetic PU leather, genuine leather, mesh fabric, etc. are the most commonly used and are also considered exceptionally durable.

Some are made of aluminum— a material known for its long lifespan. Others are made of propylene— a category of tough industrial plastic. Both of these materials are remarkably sturdy and varying amounts of weight while maintaining their structural integrity.


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