Benefits of an Ultra Wide Monitor


Whether you are an avid gamer or just enjoy sitting back and watching a movie or a series, the monitor you use can make all the difference. With so many monitors on the market, each with their own unique selling points, it can be difficult to work out which one is best for you to need. One such point is the ultra-wide monitors; these are relatively new to the market and may not be something that you have considered before. Here are the benefits of an ultra-wide monitor.

Better Field of Vision

One of the most obvious benefits of an ultra-wide monitor is the wider field of vision it gives you. An ultra-wide monitor has one third more screen than the traditional size, which vastly increases the amount you can see on the screen. Most games are now designed for the ultra-wide setup, which makes them far more stable than what they were 5 years ago. So if you want a wider picture where you can see the detail that you won’t see on a smaller monitor, why not give it a go.

Ultra Wide Monitor

More Screen Space

If you are going to use your monitor for work, then an ultra-wide monitor will naturally increase the working space you have. If you are using spreadsheets or other office programs, the ultra-wide set up can help you see more data without having to change the viewing ratio. This can help your productivity and make your job easier, especially if you are analyzing data and figures.

Side by Side Tasks

With an ultra-wide, you have one third more space to use, so side by side tasks become far easier. You no longer have to keep minimizing documents and pulling things up as and when you need them, you’ll be able to fit them all on one screen. Not only does this help your productivity, but it also helps you to keep on top of all your tasks, as you can see them all at once.

No More Desk Crowding

If you have found yourself working from home, chances are you are fighting for any piece of space you can get. With an ultra-wide monitor, there is no longer a need to have a dual-screen setup. Dual screen setups take up far much more space than an ultra-wide set up due to the brackets that you need to hold the screen. You’ll also reduce the number of cables that you have running across the desk in half. Finally, there is no more dragging and dropping from one screen to another. You reduce the mess on your desk in favor of a far more plateable setup.

Ultra-Wide Is Becoming The Standard

It has taken a long time to catch on (almost 5 years in fact) but ultra-wide is becoming the launch standard when it comes to gaming. Previously, ultra-wide support was none existent and if you were running games on a monitor of this size, it could be messy and you would need to patch it yourself if it couldn’t support it well enough. But now, the ultra-wide is becoming the standard for game development. This means that although they have been around for a while, you will now see an uptake in games having this set up as default. This won’t drive the price of your monitor down just yet (they are still expensive to buy), but as more games are developed and then released using this format, the price will eventually stabilize and start reducing.


Whether you use your monitor for gaming, work, or Netflix, there is no denying that everything looks far better on an ultra wide monitor. The increase in detail is fantastic and it is more immersive than previous monitors. If you love gaming visuals and want to be wowed by what is on your screen, then an ultra-wide monitor might be for you.

Final Thoughts

Ultra-wide monitors aren’t new technology, but they are now being accepted by game developers and content producers alike. People like the ultra-wide format so much, that this is now the standard launch format for many games. Not only do ultra-wide monitors look great, they can also help you in your productivity. You can fit far more on your screen without having to minimize items and you will no longer have to deal with a dual-screen setup. So not only do you have a better-looking monitor, your desk becomes far easier to clean and manage too.


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