Beginner Photographer Should Pay Special Attention


Photography is far more than only taking pictures with your iPhone and uploading on your Instagram account. There are many other factors which you need to be conversant with as a beginner.  You need to learn about the lighting, composition, the angle and a host of other features that the pros spend years mastering, including learning some great hand poses to make your portrait photography natural and beautiful.

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If you really want to learn how to do it right as a beginner, start with these simple tips.

Don’t be too quick to purchase the most expensive equipment

For you to get nice shots, you don’t have to buy the most expensive camera. You can still get nice photos with an inexpensive point and shoot. As time goes on and you take more shots, you will know the right camera to purchase when you feel a need to upgrade.

Know your equipment

When you purchase your camera, try as much as possible to study it inside out to understand its features and settings. Read the manual and take lots of practice pictures to understand the capacity of your camera. This will help you know what function to use when you are on the field. Don’t rush this process; take your time and master your equipment.

Tips Every Beginner Photographer

Train your eyes

Don’t rush into taking shots. Try to first look around your environment to see what you want to capture. You can snap a few practice shots and make several adjustments to see which settings got the best image quality. To find the best scene to use, you can squat close to the ground, climb a ladder or lie on the floor. Any posture that gives you the best shot should be used.

Learn about lighting

You need to understand that light is an important aspect of photography. As a matter of fact, you cannot capture an image without a light effect. It’s important – whether it’s natural, studio or flash photography. You need to learn how photos look in different lighting. This will help you know the best light effect that will give you the best quality.

Try different types of photography

Don’t just stick to one style of photography; you might just be limiting yourself. If all you do is landscape photography, you wouldn’t know if newborn photography is what you would love to do. However, for each type of photography, there are a unique set of techniques and rules that you need to learn to master the style. This will help you expand your skill set.

Beware of fads

If you really desire something that will last, you will need to stick with your quality techniques. Don’t try to include the numerous fads that are common in pictures posted on social media. Beware of images done with over-nigetting, sepia coloring, glamour glow etc. All these are allowed for normal fun and not in fashion and photography. You may need to lay your hands on some photo color editor to better know how to work with colors.

Understand your camera angles

When your camera is tilted, it can cause disoriented images. Therefore, always ensure that your horizon is level. Don’t shoot too far from below or above the subject. Always think about nose hairs and forehead wrinkles from looking up. More so, when you shoot from too far to the side, it is possible to get too much of the white in a person’s eye. Make sure your photos are not taken off-kilter to avoid falling off the Titanic.

Consider your composition

There are some methods that help to engage the viewer and bring him through the photograph. Such methods include following the rule of thirds, adjusting the depth of field and using leading lines.  Try using these methods to get the best image quality. Practice looking for leading lines, and you will soon find it easy to locate them in your everyday surrounding.

Consider a tripod

If you have shaky hands, an inexpensive tripod will go a long way to help you get good shots. You can also use your camera’s timer function with a tripod to get more stability.

Make a list of places you would like to revisit

There could be some occasions when you visit a place without your camera. You may see some images you will like to photograph and want to note them down. This is why it is important to always keep a small notebook by you to get down some places you would like to revisit to take photographs. Keep important details like the lighting and weather condition. This will help you know when to come back. You can also send yourself an email using your cell phone if you don’t like carrying a notebook.

Enjoy the learning process

Photography is fun because you can never run out of things to learn. When you look at everything with the eyes of a photographer, you will see new opportunities that you never noticed before.

Look at things differently

Always try to look at familiar surroundings with fresh eyes. You might just find some unexpected wildflowers in your yard or catch an interesting trick of the light. Don’t stick to one way of viewing things.

Learn the basic rules

You can go online and acquire more information about photography. Learn from experienced photographers and be open to what they have to say about techniques. Get some plugins and software to help make the job easy for you. In this case, Photoshop has been of great help to many beginner photographers. You can check here for the best Photoshop plugins you should lay your hands on.

When you learn the rules, it will be easy for you to break them and do something differently. The information available on photography is overwhelming. So, try to keep yourself abreast of basic rules of photography.

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Take photos everyday

You have to keep practicing. Take photos regularly; if possible every day. This will help remember what you learn on a daily basis and get better. You can choose to do some weekly assignments to keep yourself motivated.

Don’t be scared of making mistakes

There is no cost of error when practicing with your digital camera. So, don’t limit yourself, go crazy and try out new ways of taking photographs. You might end up with something you like and want to keep. You will learn a lot when you experiment without fear of mistakes. Photographers are brave and smart. Always remember that.