We live in a world flooded with gadgets and technology. In every sphere of life, technology is dominant in making activities easy, convenient, and quick. Many experts suggest that technology interferes with sleeping patterns and it is best to stow away your gadgets before you go to bed. However, some inventions may actually help you sleep better. These sleep tech devices include:

Sound Therapy Pillow

Often, we like to listen to our favorite songs for comforting sleep. This pillow helps you do exactly that without being exposed to the harmful radiation of your phone. Just connect your storage device to the pillow, and you can listen to your favorite music. This pillow also has some relaxing inbuilt voice tracks.

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Eight Sleep Pad

One of the best advancements in the sleep tech section of technology, this device, is revolutionary in its ability to enhance your sleep. Using a range of mini-sensors, this pad gives you accurate feedback on your sleeping patterns to help you bring about essential changes.

Saffron Drift Light

Imagine if the real lights in your room responded to your beck and call. This is the essence of the saffron drift light. With three modes, this light works like a regular light until you put it on sunset or moonlight mode. On these modes, the light dims eventually till the 37th-minute mark when it is quite dark. This induces sleepiness in the person.

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Philips Wakeup Light

When you have a light that helps you fall asleep, it is essential to have one that helps you wake up. Another revolutionary sleep tech gadget, the Philips Wakeup Light is most effective in waking people up. In contrast with harsh alarm clocks, this light starts gaining luminescence half an hour before your set time and is at maximum brightness when you wake up. If this doesn’t wake you up, music starts playing.

InnoGear Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Everybody loves the feeling of scented oil diffusing through the room while they sleep. However, putting the oil diffuser off can be quite a pain, with the repercussion of letting it run all night being wasting a large quantity of oil. No longer will you face this dilemma as this latest oil diffuser has an inbuilt timer to switch off the diffusion. Just set your timer and sleep in peace!

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Color Changing LED Night Lamp

This is hands-down the fanciest sleep tech device in the market today. These lights set your room ablaze with colors and music playing through the speakers but in a subtle manner which helps you sleep. The tech used in the gadget is quite advanced; it monitors your breathing patterns and synchronizes the effects with it for better sleep.

Temperature regulating comforter

As the name suggests, this comforter is a high-tech blanket that keeps you comfortable throughout the night. From the warm, humid nights to chilly mornings, the comforter detects the temperature and changes the heat trapped within it to suit your body temperature accordingly.

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Lucid Dream Sleep Mask

Much like something you would see in a video about the future of technology, this device helps one control the course of their dreams. The mask is comfortable to wear and consists of 6 LED lights. These lights are flashed when you hit the deepest point of sleep which helps you realize you are dreaming. The user can then steer the dream in the direction of their liking.


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