Be Fit, Be Stylish With Garmin Vivomove


Garmin made the first real analog watch the Vivomove. The watch is very stylish, yet traditional. The watch gives an excellent look, and you can stand in the crowd with your head held high. You can wear this watch in your office and also at a wedding ceremony. The watch adds to your personality style and attitude, and you can impress anybody when your self-confidence is high.

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The Garmin Vivomove has a step and sleep tracking sensors. It tracks your fitness level by keeping a check on the calories you burn and the miles you cover throughout the day. There are many devices that monitor sleep and track steps. But, the new tracker by Garmin is a combination of style and fitness wrapped-up altogether in one package. The other devices with such sensors are bulkier and do not give a stylish look which is not the case with Garmin Vivomove.

However, many people need some important features like a heart rate sensor which this device lacks. The prices of Garmin Vivomove are also high. But, when it comes to good looks you have to make some compromises with the cost. It has also got a sensor that senses your move which is indicated by a red-colored bar on the side of the face of the watch.

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You can get this watch in white, black, stainless steel, rose-gold, and gold-colored cases. There are various models available. The Classic model has a leather belt whereas the Sports model bears a silicone band. Also, Vivomve Premium has a steel body and leather belt.

The Garmin Vivomove can sync wirelessly to the mobile applications of Garmin on Android, Windows Phone, and on iOS. It has support for bands that can be interchanged. Any 20mm band available in the market is compatible. The watch does carry some weight, but when you wear it, you won’t get irritated. It has a long battery life of one year. It is also water-proof with resistance up to 50 meters.

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