Top 20 Best Mobile Apps for Barcode Scanner Apps


Barcode Scanner Apps  Now a day Barcode Scanner apps are very necessary for us in the day to day life. It helps you to find out all shopping deals, tracking of your specific items which ordered by you online, help to order grocery list easily. This need might definitely make you look for barcode scanner apps for your Android or iOS device. If you are still waiting for the finest app for your device then you can visit this article. You can also scan a QR code with various apps from this list. You just need to install any of this barcode scanner app on your device and use it at no cost.

What Exactly is Barcode?

Barcode is primarily a “code” in the pattern of parallel lines of different width, in the form of codes and it is a machine-readable code. It is frequently used to store the product in retail warehouses and superstores or other small stores. Besides the big ones, there are also handheld barcode readers, which are often used in departmental stores and warehouses to scan various boxes of products and other packages including details like, price, manufacturing information, etc. No matter whether you are a customer or work in retail or warehouse, having an app of barcode reader app handly is quite beneficial.

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On the App store and Play store, you will find myriad of barcode scanning apps. Some may read multiple types of codes while others can read only barcodes. Today, in this full blog we can discuss top 18 barcode scanning apps for your smart devices.

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Now barcode is available everywhere in all type of business such as fruits, vegetables, clothes, grocery and many more. You just need to scan barcode or QR code and you can use the website, without remembering the address of the website.

Best Bar Code Scanner Apps

  1. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is one of the best user-friendly barcode scanner apps for android and iOS users which help you to find out best deals and compare them with other for the price so you can get the right price for your things. You can save and manage your money by comparing product price. Scan any barcode for more recommendation even if you are out shopping to compare the pricing of the product.

  1. Scan

Scan is another popular and user-friendly barcode scanner app for android and iOS users with the paid option. You have to buy this app before using it for your device. This is one of the fastest apps. You just need to open the app and point the camera toward the code and simply scan barcode or QR code on your device. Here you can use the best 3D camera for scanning purpose.

  1. Quikkly

Quikkly is the smartest and super-fast scanning app for both android and iOS users. This app is free to download and use smartly without any irritating ads. one of the most important features of this app is, it scans code very Quikkly and offers the option to spot all history of your scan with customizable scanning and code creation interface.

  1. Orca Scan

Orca Scan is another trendy barcode scanner app created by Cambridge app lab for iOS and android user with free of charge option. You can scan a barcode, QR, UPC and other very easily by this app because it is well configurable. You can easily add details like quantity, description, location etc by this app. It also permits you to split scan data in Ms-Excel, CSV, and JSON.

  1. Barcode scanner

Barcode scanner app is a grand app build up by Cognex Corporation for android and iOS user with fully free of cost facility. The main feature of this app is to assist you to allow to host of industry, marketing, and enterprise automatic identification and data capture workflow. It also supports Xamarin, Cordova/PhoneGap, and iconic the most controlling cross-platform frameworks. This app is well organized and simple for end user and developers.

  1. Barcode Scanner X

Barcode scanner X app is also a nice scanner app created by Dynamsoft. It is very simple and easy to use the app for android and iOS user with no downloading charges. For barcode detection it needs photo library and camera permission, it avoids annoying ads. It supports 1D/2D barcode types.

  1. Neo Reader

Neo reader is another best QR and barcode scanner app created by Neo media. It offered free as well as an app to buy option with particular extra features.  Automatic detection of code type is the best feature of this app also you can generate your own QR code with the help of this app.

  1. Scandit

Scandit is one of the best barcode scanner apps for android and iOS users. The main feature of this app is, it transforms smartphones, tablets and wearable device into very fast and consistent barcode scanning tools for employee and customers .it has Pitch-to-Zoom option with optimized scan mode and UI style such as Laser-line, Rectangular frame, Full-screen etc. also we can optimize the scan setting using this app.

  1. Scan Life

ScanLife is a barcode scanner app created by Scanbuy Inc. This app is also known as personal shopper app by which you can get all the information which you want about the product. You can easily find price and review of the product by just scanning barcode or QR code. You can quickly compare your wishlist products with other sources. It also helps you to save all your scanning activity in history.

  1. Out of Milk

Out of Milk is a supreme shopping list manager app for Android and iOS users. You can manage grocery, pantry, and your To-do-lists by using this app. This helps you to save time by groping item into categories and entering them in the shopping list. It also permits you to share list by text or email option and lastly, it shows grand total and running total of the shopping list.

  1. Discogs

Discogs is the best app to list your music collection, verify price and buy music. It is an ideal barcode scanner app for Android and iOS device. It helps you to organize your music collection and complete buying process directly through the app. You can easily add or remove music from your discogs collection.

  1. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a Fitness app which counts calorie and track diet. It is available with both free and app to buy option with different features. This app guides you to lose weight, get healthy, change habits or start a new diet plan. It listed 6+ million foods with a barcode scanner, you can just scan the barcode to log these foods and it also provides nutrition information about these foods.

  1. Goodreads

This is a very popular barcode scanner app for both devices users. This is the world’s biggest place for reader and book recommendations. By using this app you can easily get recommended books to read online and offline as well. In this app, you can find new and interesting books using personalized recommendations. It helps you to participate in reading challenges and update you with new books.

  1. vWork

vWork is a mobile workforce platform for both devices users. It’s the best barcode scanner app where you get a notification about jobs nearby you. You can find latest jobs as per your location by using this app with no downloading charges.

  1. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is an app for android and iOS user to manage event sale and attendees. By this app you can easily manage events real-time tickets sale, check-in, track attendance live and accept fast and secure method of payment for tickets. It also helps you to track the sale of tickets, accesses real-time data, and check order status if it is canceled, reissue, or refund.

  1. QR Code Maker

If you are looking for a QR code scanner app, then this is one of the best to rely on. It will assist you to save, create and share the QR codes. In various formats, it delivers the QR codes, including SMS message, contact information, Emails, website URL, plain text barcodes and more. Even you can produce the barcodes in different dimensions and save them further in photos.

  1. Bar-Code

It is a new app which is used to scan the barcode on the iPhone. It also enables you to paste or copy the codes in other applications as well as search them on the internet. Via email, you can send the codes and save them for future use. It also lets you export the complete list of scanned codes to your laptop or desktop using the iTunes file sharing feature.

  1. QR Code & Barcode Scanner

It is one of the most admired QR scanner apps for iOS which empower you to share and create QR codes to make the connection with features like, read Vcards, open URLs and WiFI hotspots, much more. Even it lets you add the custom websites into the search feature of the barcode to deliver the precise detail. You get the quick result as the app’s bot uses Apple’s inbuilt native scanning attribute. Even you can export your scan history in CSV format.

  1. Inventory Control

Unlike everyday user, if you are a business person, then Inventory Control application is for you as it gives you the benefit of a core business barcode scanner. It alleges to be the easiest and fastest ways to organize your inventory with the assistance of a robust barcode scanner. It does not just support the UPC/EAN barcodes, also let you customize the inventory options. You can easily sync the data using iCloud support. The Inventory Control app also supports various currencies and using the AirPrint it let you print reports directly.

  1. Quick Scan

This is last but not the least available scanning app in the list. It helps you decode all the barcodes and QR codes around you including, locations, calendar event, email messages, email address, SMS text messages, telephone number, web URL, text, contact details and much more. For the iPhone, it is regarded as the best scanning app as well as claims to be the fastest app in its category. You can conveniently save the history of your scans as it offers unlimited storage space and without quitting the app, you can perform all the actions in your device.

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So these are some of the best 20 barcode and QR code scanning apps of the year which our team of the expert reviewer and editors collated for you.

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