Is your SmartPhone deceiving you? Each time you zoom in to catch that immaculate shot of that $20 burger you are not actually zooming in. The product in your telephone is indeed simply trimming the picture and exploding it like Patricia Arquette in CSI: Cyber.

To actually zoom your phone would require an optical lens, yet the hypothesis is that optical lenses have a tendency to be too enormous, excessively cumbersome, and overly sensitive for a telephone. The Asus Zenfone Zoom puts that hypothesis under severe scrutiny by packing a 3x optical zoom lens into a phone petite thicker than Asu’s financial plan agreeable Zenfone 2.

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Zenfone 2 and Samsung Galaxy S6

It feels heavier than the Zenfone 2 as well, and the Samsung S6, and the iPhone 6s Plus. The weight is more reminiscent of a quality simple to use or scaffold camera than a modern-day cell phone. The telephone doesn’t slide into the back pocket as quickly as my iPhone, yet it’s sufficiently thin that I haven’t had a separate issue yanking it out of my handbag to take œspy photos of the Metro stage.

Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Zenfone Zoom

On the off chance that you have ever seen a bad-to-the-bone camera telephone, similar to the 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020, then the back of the Zenfone Zoom will be well known. The swelling, dark plastic plate lodging the mechanical lens assembly, and taking up almost 50% of the back of the telephone is by all accounts pervasive in all good camera phones. Whatever is left of the back of this uniquely genuine camera and the phone is secured in calfskin such as the grasp of a conventional camera.

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Lens details

Additionally like a conventional camera, the lens in the Zenfone Zoom, you know, zooms. Everything happens inside the lodging, and you will require an electric lamp and incredible vision to watch it, yet once you get the smooth working of the Hoya lens.

Don’t be shocked on the off chance that you spend a couple of minutes zooming forward and backward and wondering about the instrument on the grounds that an optical zoom lens in a cell phone is a major ordeal. It ought to, hypothetically, take vastly improved photographs than the lousy computerized zoom highlighted in each other cell phone available.

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There likewise an application, Splendid, to control the shading yield of the 1080p IPS show. I wasn’t awed by it. The Vivid setting turns everything so splendid it verges on fluorescent, the custom setting gives you no precise control over the presentation, and there isn’t a solitary setting to control the gamma which is much too high.

This prompts the blacks to be excessively immersed and the whites too splendid. When I took a photo of my canine skipping in the snow, he gave off an impression of being an indistinct blob skipping on the surface of a white-hot star. He turned out significantly more canine-like when I stacked the same photograph onto my PC.


Oversaturated show aside, the Asus Zenfone Zoom is effectively the best œgenuine picture taker cell phone right now accessible. Appropriate optics and a genuine zoom lens feel like total distinct advantages with regards to cell phone photography.

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There a quality to the Zenfone Zooms photographs that the opposition cant coordinate. In the event that they figure out how to alter the issue with the terrible bokeh, the Zenfone Zoom could undoubtedly supplant any simple to use you keep in your pack.


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