Unlocking Asset Management for the Benefit of your Business


If you’re unfamiliar with the Internet of Things (IoT), you’re missing out on something that could revolutionize your businesses.

Back in 2015, there were just 15.4 billion connected devices across the globe, but according to IHS, this number is expected to reach 30.7 billion by 2020. Just five years later it will peak at 75.4 billion, and this steady growth continues to create incredible opportunities in the world of asset management.

In this article, we’ll consider why the IoT and capacity for measuring data remotely have become so important in the digital age while asking how this can benefit your business in the future.

The Face of Asset Management in 2018

 Make no mistake; the asset management sector has been revolutionized by advanced sensor technology and the IoT.

This is based on a number of innovative products and platforms, including Servetec’s SCOPE software. This provides a secure platform from which to monitor and control connected devices and assets, from small plant installations right through to entire organisational networks and vast company infrastructures.

Asset Management

As a result of this, asset management has evolved into an entity that can garner data and optimize efficiencies across an entire infrastructure, rather than focusing on individual assets in specific locations.

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Modern platforms can also gather and relay data to a central point in real-time, helping site managers to identify potential issues and resolve them ahead of time.

The Benefits of Modern Asset Management Tools

 Whether you want to monitor energy performance or consumption in site locations or access alternative data sets, modern asset management platforms provide an array of benefits to businesses.

They certainly present data clearly and efficiently to both desktop and mobile devices, for example, ensuring that urgent information can be received in real-time. So if you’re responsible for the management of multiple sites and are in the middle of visiting one, you can still monitor others and remain informed at all times.

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Essentially, this enables businesses to optimize their output and potentially reduce their employment costs, without compromising on the efficiency of individual sites and remote locations.

When using advanced platforms such as SCOPE, you can also leverage customizable dashboards to create holistic views. This is crucial if you’re to review as much data as possible in real-time, while it also ensures that information is presented in a way that can be easily understood.

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With inclusive tools for creating and sharing content too, there’s no doubt that the asset management tools of today can help entrepreneurs to unlock previously untapped potential in their businesses.