AppValley VIP Download on your iOS device


If you have been looking for a place to download tweaked and modified apps for your iOS devices, then AppValley VIP is what you need. AppValley is very convenient and hassle-free. It has many applications that do not need jailbreak, therefore, offering complete freedom. AppValley has gone through exhaustive security checks to make sure that you do not have to worry about security issues. Your devices will continue to be safe from malware.

To add to this, it consistently improves its services. Notifications will keep you in the know concerning daily updates, any changes or new apps within its continuously growing list of apps. 

Other than its free apps, it takes pride in its speedy downloads that you will surely be grateful for. The free apps make having it as the perfect app store for your devices. You will experience the convenience of those who have features that have been cracked. You do not need to jailbreak your devices with AppValley VIP , instead, simply download the app and have a great time. 

What is AppValley VIP

AppValley is third-party app installer for mobile devices that uses iOS. It has applications that have been modified so that they meet the preference of the user. It is very convenient as many users who have experienced AppValley no longer require the original version. 

iOS 12.4

How to download AppValley VIP

  • On your iOS device, visit the AppValley VIP  website using the Safari browser.
  • Once the webpage is opened, you will see a popup screen of AppValley.
  • An “Install AppValley” will be provided on the popup screen.
  • Tapping this will select the option which will start installing the app. You will have to enter the PassLock Code on your device.
  • The typical installation process of the app will appear on your home screen.
  • Do not open the app immediately after installing.
  • Go to App Management in your settings.
  • On the trust option, select AppValley so that it will be trusted in the developer certificate making it easy to open.
  • You can now launch the app on the screen and access the apps and games provided.

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Why we need AppValley VIP

AppValley is a top app installer with content that takes care of all ages.  You may want to ask yourself why go for the AppValley while iOS app store has got thousands of applications and even more features. Well, you should know that there are no similarities and it has its unique attributes. These are the reasons why you need AppValley:

  • You do not need to jailbreak
  • It is easy to install and use it
  • Should you need to, it is easy to delete it
  • Since you do not need jailbreak, your warranty remains safe as security protocols are not broken
  • The number of apps cannot be understated as there are thousands of free apps, tweaks, and games as well as tweaked games, modified apps 
  • Its interface is smart and interactive
  • It has app reviews and recommends popular apps
  • Safety is completely guaranteed and you can download any app from AppValley
  • The app is actively monitored for problems by developers and fixed immediately should any arise
  • Regular updating by developers and addition of the new, secure data so that you have no security  concerns when downloading applications or games

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How to Fix Errors

  • White/Blank Screen

Rather than an error it is more of an irritation. If you come across this, use the following steps:

  • Open your settings app
  • Select Safari 
  • Clear Website data by tapping it
  • Use AppValley again and the screen will have returned to normal.
  • Profile Installation Failed

This is an error that appears when servers cannot cope with excess traffic on the Apple Servers. First, leave the app alone for a couple of hours before retrying. If it does not go try the following steps:

    • Switch to Airplane mode
    • Go to the Settings app and open it
    • Select Clear History and Clear History and Data
    • Exits Settings after which you will Disable Airplane mode
    • After several minutes retry the installation steps-it should work normally now
  • Failure to Download

The most common error is when AppValley Won’t Download appears. It is easy to solve this error:

  • Delete AppValley from your device
  • Restart your device
  • Reinstall the app

This error mostly happens when users have previous versions of the installer and results in conflict while downloading because it was not previously removed. 

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