Apple’s “Siri” will be Able to recognize Owner’s Voice Soon


Apple’s Siri will soon be able to recognize its owner’s voice. As per the reports, Apple is working effectively over this project. You can find this new feature in iOS 9 and it would be able to recognize your voice when you use the “Hey Siri” feature.

Siri can be activated on the current iPhones by just saying the words “Hey Siri” at the time of charging the phone. When it comes to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus, this new feature is inactivated state all the time and this made possible by low power devices used in new iPhones.

Apple is working hard in making Siri more powerful, smarter, faster, and more accurate. As per the sources, the voice assistant will soon let the users ask questions without any physical contact with the device. Many rumors are coming that this feature will remain permanently ON in future iPhones and other devices of Apple.

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Microsoft is also using the same kind of feature in “Xbox One”. When this feature was launched, many people claimed that this will be a loophole in the security and may void the privacy of the person or the user.

“Hey Siri” is an old feature that was introduced in iOS 8 but, it has to be activated manually and it works only when the phone is charging. In the future, this feature will be made available on Apple’s TV and other devices as well.


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