Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s latest iOS 13.5 beta


You might have already read about Apple’s introduction of new contact tracing tools in mobile devices. A new initiative to fight against COVID-19. We will see how Apple’s latest iOS 13.5 beta works after integrating the tracing tool. Apple was planning to release iOS 13.4.5, which was the actual beta version. But with adding the tracing SDK, the version was renamed as 13.5. Developers can now develop apps in aid with contact tracking SDK and API. Accordingly and support to fight against those who are affected in the current pandemic.

Besides the contact tracking SDK, Apple has already planned to release certain features along with. However, the new iOS 13.5 Beta not released yet and requires users to download it as an app and see how it works. Apple has included a toggle kind of bar inside Settings to deactivate the exposure notifications you receive on COVID-19.

What is the contact tracking tool?

The new contact tracking tool pulls out the key log details from your phone of the closest persons whom you have met very recently and stores it in the iOS server. In case after a few days, if you experience any COVID-19 symptoms. You approach any public health authority for diagnosis. Consequently, your close contacts will receive a notification about your diagnosis and report confirmation, along with you, anonymously. Likewise, the tool also sends your contacts notifications as to what to do next. Thus helping the world fight against COVID-19.

Steps to deactivate the exposure notifications on iOS 13.5

  • Go to Settings on your phone.
  • Tap the Privacy option and choose Health.
  • Now select the COVID-19 Exposure Notification and swap the toggle off.

New features introduced by Apple in iOS 13.5?

Apple introduces limited features of iOS 13.5 Beta, which will be very useful to users in many ways. Among several benefits, here we have listed a few of the vital features that are pretty attractive and awesome.

  1. Easy unlocking with face mask

You can now unlock your iPhone even when wearing a face mask. Apple has made it easy with introducing iOS 13.5 beta version. Usually, you cannot unlock your iPhone wearing a face mask because the Face ID option cannot recognize your face identity. Instead, Apple has now provided an option to enter your passcode to unlock your phone even when your Face ID is enabled but before the time expires. However, when you fail to unlock your iPhone using Face ID, you have to swipe up to unlock it with passcode; now it happens automatically.

  1. Group FaceTime 

iOS 13.5 has provided the option to turn off the dynamic zoom effect which is available in Group FaceTime that expands a participant’s window while speaking. Users now have the privilege to select a person on whom they would like to focus simply by tapping a new static window interface provided.

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Apple has planned its iOS 13.5 available for users of Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad, and Apple’s latest OS in the next few weeks, along with the new contact-tracking tool. The entire world is awaiting the results of this tool, expecting favor towards COVID-19 recovery.

Bottom Line

Well, the upcoming Apple’s latest iOS 13.5 Beta version includes several handy features starring from easy face ID unlocking to the coronavirus tracking tool. The coronavirus tracking tools making a lot of news because this tool developed under the collaboration of both Google and Apple. Let’s wait and see when the iOS13.5 Beta version will hit the floor.