Apple is Working Towards New Search App Store Feature


We have heard a rumor that Apple has made a secret team work on its app store and allow the developers to show apps more prominently, especially for the people who are well aware of the app store plans. This new app store feature is going to be paid as per the rumors.

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Why is Apple doing this?

Apple seems to be like working towards the Google-like model. We know this model very well where Google ask companies to pay and enlist their products shown in the top results based on what the people are looking for.

For example, if someone has an online gaming website will pay Google for the words like Online games, Best online games etc and Google will bring their site to the top. So as a typical user search or the word Online Games the website for which the guy paid will come at the top. This is the whole scenario and Google model.

As we have seen that this model already made Google a multi-billion dollar company, will give Apple a new way of earning. So as this new feature launch, we can expect the developers to rush through in order to get the top place.

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When can we see this?

As per the rumors, around 100 people are working on this new search app store feature which includes the engineers from Apple advertising group iAd and no one is revealing this new feature as this is considered as the topmost secret. This new project is headed by the Vice President of Apple Todd Teresi.

If this new system starts working, it going to be huge said by Krishna Subramanian who is the co-founder of Captive8. Captive8 helps the brands to use social media. Along with the paid search, the team is also working towards adding the new and improved way of browsing for the customers within the app store. This new system search team is working for long hours, and its tough to find out when the new changes will be applied.

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The app store is a very important part of Cupertino, and this is the reason why many new app store features are brought. The more software the people download, the more they will be able to buy apple product instead of switching over to another manufacturer. The success of the store is a key reason that the iPhone and iPad have got so much of popularity.

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