Top Apple Watch Apps you love the Most


Apple Watch has been launched in November 2014 and soon after that, the developers have started to create many types of third party apps. By today there are more than 3000 third party apps for Apple watch. Many people love to use third-party apps because they are mostly free.

We have created a list of top apps for apple watch that you can use

  1. Starwood Hotels and Resorts:- We have seen many fiction movies which we that the person just weave his hands and the door gets opened. It’s possible in reality now. This new feature is brought to us by Starwood Hotels and Resorts for its customers worldwide. This app allows the guest to open the doors by just waving their hands in front of the door.
  2. Invoice2go:- There are three main objectives or functions of this app. It can generate an invoice, purchase orders, and estimates. This app is useful for the people who charge hourly and so by using this app one can easily manage their invoices. It’s user-friendly even for first-time users.
  3. Clear:- The main work of this app is to organize the work and daily routines. It also helps the users to check their shopping lists without operating their iPhones. The app is easier to use and one can easily view the To-do list.
  4. Uber:- As we all know Uber is an app that allows us to book a taxi or a cab. You just have to tap on “Hail” and the app will automatically detect the location and sends feedback to them. This app will also let you know about the model of the car that is coming to pick you up.
  5. Fandango:- This is an awesome app. It works well for movie lovers and who never want to miss a movie. This app automatically synced the app with their account and then it reads the mobile barcode ticket. So when you reach the theater, you just have to scan the virtual ticket and enjoy the movie.

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