Apple TV will be Released by Apple in September


A rumor about apple TV that is blowing all over the internet for a long time is going to become true soon. The rumor was that Apple is going to launch its new version of the Set-top box along with the streaming service of TV content. Apple was going to launch this new thing in WWDC, but they delayed it and now it is likely to be launched by September.

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Apple TV was launched in 2012 with an A5 chip that was used in iPhone 4S so you can understand how under clocked it was, but this time Apple should launch the new TV along with the latest configuration such as A8 chip which is used in iPhone 6S and more storage and thickness will surely surprise the customers.

There are two big questions that remain the same is that what will be the user interface and what is going be Apple’s strategy behind it. The present Apple TV is cumbersome and Apple knows that they will have to fix it.

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Apple will also release SDK for the dedicated apps and will provide App Store service for the TV. This will give you the looks of Android TV and will make it more powerful. This can be one of the best gadgets in 2015.


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