Apple Refurbished iPhones to be Sold in India Soon


Apple has already been working very hard to keep its sales up and going, but the task seems to be getting desperate with every year passing by. Apple recorded a downfall in its mobile phone sales for the first time in history in the last year, which has made Tim Cook think of other alternatives that will help the brand create more impact and provide more devices worldwide. That being said, India’s smartphone which is the fastest developing field in the current years is the target set by Apple’s team.

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Tim Cook in some recent interviews and meeting with the Indian Prime Minister set out hints that his team is planning to sell Apple refurbished iPhones in India, a task which was difficult to be accomplished as the rivals to the company won’t let this go quickly.

Problems that Apple might face on its refurbished iPhone plans

The company’s request to the Indian government to allow it to open retail stores has been accepted, but Apple’s refurbished iPhone idea doesn’t seem to get past the government that easily. The other smartphone rivals appeal that it would act in opposition to the governments Make in India plan as the goods will be brought from outside and sold here. The fact that refurbished phones will wear off sooner than new devices thus creating more e-waste is also a point of concern to the government. It would take a lot of convincing from Apple to get past this plan.

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What does Apple expect from its refurbished iPhones?

As it seems highly possible, it is believed that Apple refurbished iPhones will be cheaper than the new devices and will be in reach of people looking for an iPhone in a medium budget, the satisfaction that the phone will be sold by Apple’s authorized outlets alongside warranties will surely have a significant positive impact on Apple’s sales. With the companies sales going up by 50% in India, this is being considered a smart move, we will have to wait and see if the government allows Apple to pursue its plans.

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