Apple Pay will soon be Available in China


Apple pay is likely to make its debut in China soon. It has launched a new company “Apple Technology Service (Shanghai) Ltd which will handle its mobile payment services.

Apple recently funded $13.4 million as a seed for its new company and made Gary Joseph as its legal representatives and chairman.

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Tim Cook has described earlier that they will bring Apple Pay to China as the top of the list when it comes to priorities. Tim Cook also said that they were delayed in launching iPhone 6 to china because of permission issues that Apple needs before launching the product in the market. Companies that wanted to launch an online payment system in china have to first get many types of approvals from Chinese regulators, for example, Central Bank and which is not an easy job.

We hope that the new company “Apple Technology Services (Shanghai) Ltd makes a positive step in debuting the Apple Pay in the country and don’t think that this journey will finish up here. Apple Pay is entering the market as electronic payment which is already used by the Alibaba app Alipay, and it currently has 400 million registered users.

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