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IPhone, when you hear this word, a shrill cry of excitement presides over your thinking and subsequent emotion, and your sophisticated imagination starts making a fantasy about what is Apple coming with next. These iPhones, designed and marketed by Apple not only drive you crazy but this symptom is common around the world for everybody.

A Brief History Of iPhones And Apple’s Journey Towards iPhone 7:

The history of making Apple iPhone goes back to the year 2004 when Apple employed a thousand highly skilled workers and took up an extremely confidential project, called Project Purple. This project was obviously the brainchild of Steve Jobs, and it is when he planned to shift his focus from Tablet such as iPod to a phone.

Three years passed and during this phase, every attempt to make something revolutionary went in vain. Its collaboration with Motorola also remained unsuccessful. But all these failures were just the staircases to success and finally in 2007 Apple came with its unique smartphone, the king of all smartphones, the iPhone.

How The Event Of Unveiling iPhone 7 Was different:

Apple has launched so far various models of iPhones and recently the launch of iPhone 7 came in headlines and all of you gulped that news with considerable exhilaration. But have you noticed that the last media event conducted by Apple was somewhere more than a mere iPhone event?

As on account of this program of launching the iPhone 7, Tim Cook and his friends had made a lot of other declarations which were something a kind of out of the box thinking.

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All About iPhone 7- Dreams, Expectations And The Reality:

The whole attention of the event was concentrated on the unveiling of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You will get some extraordinary features in it like A-10 Fusion Chip, top and- bottom stereo speakers, a revamped force touch button with water, and dust resistant coating. The body of the phone will remain the same as it was in iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and will be available in five finishes.

About the recent improvements, it can be mentioned as follows-

  • Previously iPhone 6S was launched with an A9 processor which was actually 70% faster than its predecessor A8 and it was represented to facilitate desktop-class performance. This A9 processor has been replaced by A10 in this new iPhone 7.
  • A10 Fusion chip is the most potent development made by Apple which is consisted of a total of four cores and among them, two are high-performance cores, and this A10 has been modeled as a 40% faster processor than A9.
  • Phil Shiller, one of the prominent members of Apple had openly proclaimed that this A10 Fusion would come hundred and twenty times faster than the original iPhone.
  • The body of the iPhone 7 is framed by aluminum and is available in five finishes- silver, gold, Rose gold, black, and “jet black. Among these, the first four will have matte appearances and the last one will have a high-gloss look.
  • In the earlier models, iPhones had plastic antenna lines at the back from where the radio signal passed through, but it has totally been repatterned in iPhone 7.
  • Revamped force touch will have you feel the difference while using the device as announced.

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Apples Good Bye To The Old Analog Headphones:

Apple is always known to have gone with the newest trend and it loves to leave the oldest technology at the back. Possible it the most debatable thing regarding iPhone 7 that Apple has decided to bid goodbye to the analog headphones (iPhone 7 doesn’t have any earphone socket) and it welcomed wireless air pods and ear-pods.

  • These air-pods are basically a pair of wireless headphones designed by Apple which would get connected via Bluetooth.
  • Instead of the headphone, Apple has added an extra speaker in its place which will allow you to listen to the music about two times louder than the previous one.

What The Apple did With Camera:

As it was rumored iPhone 7 Plus features two cameras, both are of two megapixels and have two lenses.

  • Between these two lenses, one lens is the wide-angle lens and another one is the 56mm telephoto lens.
  • The camera has a wider aperture facility which has the capability to capture more light.
  • iPhone 7 also features a quad-LED true-tone flash. It is entirely a new sensor to recompense for glimmering or fluttering lights.
  • It has a wider color capturing capacity and a better zooming facility.
  • The new improvement of the iPhone 7 will allow optical image stabilization.

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Apple Met You With New Smart Watch Series:

In this latest event, Apple met you with its Apple Watch Series 2 which has been featured with a brighter display and swim-proof capacities whereas its predecessor series 1 only had a splash-proof facility.

  • Apple Watch Series 2 has a GPS facility in it.
  • It is water-resistant up to 50 meters.
  • Identically its look is more or less similar to smartwatch series 1.
  • You will get it in both aluminum and steel finishes.

Apple Made Something More Sporty:

In a joint partnership with Nike, Apple has come forward with a new edition which according to them is suitable for runners and this model is named The Apple Watch Nike+.

  • The Apple Watch Nike+ has a lightweight aluminum body and a riddled band.
  • While you are running, by switching to running mode, you will be able to see the screen.

Apples Vision Of Gaming Features:

The next thing Apple thought about was regarding its gaming feature. And as Pokemon Go has become globally so popular, Apple developers are planning to install it in Apple watch with more interesting features because Apple aims at keeps its users more active in terms of fitness.

A Silent Negotiation With Storage:

Added to this, one thing was not covered in the event but had witnessed a silent transform, and it is Apple I-Pods by revising its line up the slide. Apple has decided to lower the at the present capacity of Pad that is 16 GB and has planned to reduce its price.

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