6 Most Common Myths About Android Tracking Applications


Android Tracking Applications are gaining recognition and ceaseless growth for the past few years. People from every sphere of life are finally realizing the importance of surveillance in a world where everyone can access every form of information with a single click on their smartphones and other electronic gadgets. But, with all the new technologies that are brought into being, comes a series of facts and myths revolving around them. As the world is getting smaller and relying on single-click sources to acquire knowledge, it is easy to get access to the facts and even easier to be manipulated by the myths. Therefore, space is needed to make an informed decision by distinguishing the right from the wrong set of information. Here is a list of six myths revolving around android tracking applications that you must know.

MYTH 1: Android Tracking Applications are illegal.

FACT: Every country allows Android TrackingApplications if they do not violate any legal regulations. The right tracking application will always suggest its user employ discretion to prevent any legal privacy breach. For instance, parents of minors can monitor the cell phones of their ward for security reasons. Employers can exercise surveillance on the phones and other gadgets provided by the company to the employees and ensure productivity and prevent information rift. In any case whatsoever, one needs to experience the best and safest possible way to meet their needs. SMS Trackers, Instagram Spy is trusted to give you the best possible services at affordable prices to secure your family, workplace, and close ones.

MYTH 2: Complicated to use and only expert computer programmers can install and use these applications.

FACT: If you can use WhatsApp, email, and other applications, you are more than good enough to use these Android Trackers. These applications are specially designed to be user-friendly, easily accessible, and simple to operate. These are like any other android apps that are used every day. It is a piece of cake to use for any smartphone user. In addition to this, companies employ 24*7 helpline to help with any problem or to solve difficulties encountered by the customers at any stage of use.

MYTH 3: Tracking Application can affect SIM cards and battery of the phone.

FACT: SIM cards and battery remains unaffected by any authentic tracking application. Even if the SIM card is changed, the activities of an individual can be monitored, and a notification will immediately be sent about any changes made. Battery, on the other hand, just gives power to the gadgets. No extra power usage or adverse effect on the battery is caused by tracking applications. The gadgets remain safe with android tracking apps like any other application on the app store.

MYTH 4: These applications can be installed on SIM cards and batteries of any gadget.

FACT: It is to be kept in mind that android tracking applications are like any other applications that are used every day. These applications can not be installed on SIM cards and batteries. SIM cards are just chips used to connect with the cell-towers to connect with the world through phone calls, mobile networks, and to save a few contact information. Batteries are a powerhouse of cell phones. Neither of the two can be used to install applications of any sort.

MYTH 5: Tracking applications will not work if the phone is switched to airplane mode or DND.

FACT: We have to understand that there are two systems in which cell phones or any other gadgets work – firstly, it connects the phone to its user and secondly, phone to the mobile network. When airplane mode or DND is activated, the connection between the phone and the network is shut down, but the user can still use the phone as the first system remains active, and therefore, activities can still be kept under surveillance. These applications use satellites for surveillance and airplane mode or DND cannot stop them from tracking the devices.

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MYTH 6: Android Tracking Applications are nothing but Malware.

FACT: Again, it is extremely important to choose the correct and reliable application after doing thorough research and coming to an informed decision. There is a vast number of software available in the market and all of these applications cannot be treated as Malwares. For instance, software available on SMS Trackers are extremely reliable and trusted by many. Nothing can be more dangerous than not doing proper research before trying a tracking application. If in confusion, one must try the software on their cell phone before installing it on a targeted one.


Tracking Applications are useful and prove to be a boon to people in every sphere of life for people who are in real need of them. The right tracking applications are extremely effective and can record every activity of the targeted gadget, to keep workplaces and loved ones secure and under proper surveillance. These apps are extremely secure and reliable to get the work done. One may need these apps for varied reasons, but when it comes to getting those needs fulfilled, a perfect application awaits after proper research. SMSTrackers.in is one such website where you can easily find a variety of tracking tools for various applications that you can utilize effectively. There are lucrative offers and discounts available to bring out the best customer experience overall. So, make sure to enquire about the customer service executives to offers the best deal available.


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