Top Free Android SDK Emulator you can Use


Android SDK Emulators are the software under which you can install your favorite version of Android. These emulators are installed under windows in the same way as we install other software. In the past, in order to use any android app we need to have an android device but now; one can easily install android apps under these emulators and use any android app in their laptops or PC’s. If you are a developer then there are many types of emulators available that will give you all the tools which will help you in the development of Android. Choose the one you like.

Bluestacks Android Emulator

This Android SDK emulator is considered as the best emulator, the reason behind this is that it’s absolutely free, user-friendly, and it gives the same experience of gaming as the desktop games. You can easily search for it and download.

Youwave Emulator

This is another free emulator which is almost as popular as Bluestacks. The biggest con of this emulator is that it runs only over windows 7, 8, and 8.1. This application is famous among the people because they can just drag and drop the applications in order to install it, so it makes it easier to use.

Official Android Emulator

The official Android SDK emulator gives the perfect look and feel of a smartphone on their PC or laptop. This is mostly preferred by the developers because it comes with Google android development kit. This is also free of option and one will enjoy more technical side of it.

Jar of Beans

As the name says, this emulator is based on the most famous Android version Jelly Bean. You can download this by just visiting the official website. This works smoothly over the PC and laptop and the work performance of this emulator is really awesome.

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