Android M: – Some Best Features


Google launched its latest new version of Android which is known as Android M. This new Android is making a debut with nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Both these phones are top in their category. Google already disclosed that Android M is fast and smooth. So let’s check out the other new features.


The new android has the feature to understand when you sit idle and at such times it automatically disables some unnecessary background processes which save a lot of battery.

Tap and Get Google Now

This new feature will show you the details of any location with just a tap. For example, your friend sent you a text saying that “let’s meet at dominos tonight” then you just have to hold the home button and Google now will show you the location of that dominos. This is an awesome new feature and it is pushing android ahead in the competition.

Copy, Cut and Paste

You might feel that this is a small change. But this new feature will be a big impact while using your phone.

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In older Android, when you tap to select a text, it openss up a number of buttons at the top, many people still don’t know the use of any. In Android M, selecting text will open up a menu just above the selected text as Cut, Copy and Paste. So it becomes easier for the user to choose the option.

App Permission Structure

This new feature has been borrowed from iOS. In older Android, there is nothing you have to do with permissions when you install some third-party apps. But in Marshmallow you can choose which permission you want to give to certain tweak or app.

Backup and Restore

Switching to a new phone is a big pain with android devices. But in Marshmallow these things will change. In Android M, whenever the device is idle and connected to Wi-Fi it will automatically backup the data and save to Google Drive in the back ground. So if you ever wipe your phone you can easily retrieve your data back.


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