Amazon is Removing the Fake USB C Cable from the Store


Just some days ago we got news about the USB C type cables that this cable is fast and can perform many other tasks. But as we know there is a fake product always available and so is the case with USB C type cables. Many sellers or dealers have started selling their fake and bogus USB C cable.

Amazon’s Action

But now Amazon has begun to remove such products from their store. This is one new offender that has been added to the prohibited products lists of Amazon. If you search for Amazon USB C cable, you will see that there are a lot of cables available and this is the reason why you would go in buying anything and after that, they start having issues with those.

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These low-quality cables are so bad that they may destroy your whole laptop. After getting too many complaints about the product, Amazon took the decision to blacklist USB C cables and sell only the branded items provided by genuine sellers.

There are some standards that these USB C cables have to follow, and since they breach it, Amazon took the strict decision to keep the cables on the blacklisted list.

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