Amazon Echo get’s the Capability to add events on Google Calendar

Soon after the launch of Kindle, Amazons Echo digital assistant is the best hardware device that has gained a good amount of success. The company is working hard to make this device go deeper and reach Google. This new Amazon Echo is a little voice-controlled assistant that has recently got the ability to add new events or reminders to Google Calendar.

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How to use?

In order to use this new device you just have to say Add an event to my Calendar simply or you can even say something like Add jennys party my schedule for Friday 8 P.M. Just after saying this you will find that this new gadget has added the event to your calendar.

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Some of the details were revealed earlier this week. In order to use this feature, the first thing that you will have to do is to enable the link Google Calendar Account onto your Alexa app. Though we know that Alexa is already capable to read the Google Calendar, but this new event adding feature improve its handiness. This new system allows us to think that Alexa has started reaching Googles Android territory. They are working towards OK Google named digital assistant.

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We have already seen that Amazon Echo can help you shop or order the items offered by Amazon. With this feature, you don’t have to keep yourself busy with the amazon’s eCommerce website. With this new feature, we can say that we will be able to order the cab and perform other things in the future. We can also understand that the company is working towards adding more features to this new Amazon Echo.

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What Google is Doing?

All these things dont mean that Google is sitting quietly. As per many reports Google is working towards its own product which will be the competitor of Amazon Echo in the future. We can say that the clock has started and we never know when we get the news from Google about its new product.

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