It is no secret that Apple is the leading industry expert when it comes to advance developments and continuous innovation. While contemporaries Android and Windows have developed stiff competition of late, Apple is and will continue to be the beacon of progress in the smartphone industry in the recent future.

The new Apple phone, the iPhone 6s, and the 6s Plus are testaments to this phenomenon. The phone is host to a variety of new and exciting features such as 3D touch and advanced LTE support. The camera on this device is phenomenal with a 12MP rear armed to click the best photos using iSight. The Facetime camera has been taken up a notch to 5MP.

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What is the best feature of the iPhone 6s?

While the features loaded on the phone screen and hardware are fascinating, the real brilliance has to be the ARM process architecture powering this iPhone. Apple has launched the iPhone 6s with a chip of real power, integrity, and innovation under its hood.

This is the Apple A9 processor. Leading industry experts and Apple critics have given this processor the thumbs up, all the speculation that generally surrounds an Apple product launch is well justified this time around.

How does it fare against the competition?

Among the many standard tests that are conducted to compare the industrial competitors in the processor market, we considered Geekbench for this article. The results were quite astounding. One of the main competitors of the Apple A9 processor is Samsung Galaxy S6s processor, one with 8 cores.

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In the test, this octa-core processor barely managed to live up to the Apple processor, which incidentally is made out of only two cores. The dual-core victory over a processor with four times as many cores can be credited to the ARM process architecture. Other competitors such as the Snapdragon 810 did not even come close to the output delivered by these.

Performance of the Apple A9 processor

This time around, Apple has powered its phone with a processor which can actually be called the best there is. Many tech websites have reported that the A9 is unbeatable for its graphics, be it high definition movies or heavy gaming.

The reports suggest that the Apple A9 processor is up to 25% faster than the fastest phones in the market. Not only the graphics but the ARM process architecture has also been tested for battery life and reported to fare well, in comparison with other industry competitors.

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What does this mean for your phone?

If you are one of the lucky ones that are purchasing the iPhone 6s this year, expect a lot of enhancement in your smartphone user experience. For starters, your phone gaming will be a lot more addictive with the Apple A9 processor enabling you to play the most heavy duty games right on your phone. Next, your battery life is going to extend a lot longer, which means less waiting by the charger for your phone to come back to life.


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