After Virus Attack on iTunes, Apple is Removing Apps in Bulk

Apple’s iTunes is going through a virus attack since some days and this attack has been performed through a developers authority by creating the fake version of an app. This new virus is a big threat for the iCloud users. This virus is capable of duping the passwords of the users on iCloud.

The first sign of virus appeared over the weekend, when the security researchers from Palo Alto Networks scanned and find out 39 infected apps. These apps mostly includes the one that are chat based and the attack is found to be on china zone which is affecting around 600 million people.

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WeChat is found to be mainly affected which is used by most of the people of china. All these infected apps found to be developed in china and they have used Xcode which is the Apple development kit of software which have been manipulated by hackers.

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Apple said they are removing the infected apps from iTunes and they will be working with the developers in order to ensure they use only the Xcode provided or downloaded from official apple server in order to to develop apps.

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