Advertising Challenges in Unconventional Businesses


In the world today, advertising is the key to making sure your business gets noticed and can make the impact you had intended in the first place. However, with the world-changing and eyes opening up to new kinds of business, it’s very important that you consider the challenges of marketing new businesses.

One of the most challenging parts of getting into any kind of business tends to come from perception so what are some of the most common challenges that new, unconventional industries might be suffering from in their attempted advertising campaigns today?

Sustainable building

While sustainability is hardly new or unconventional in, ironically, a conventional sense, it’s still a hard sell. Many people see sustainable options like hemp as new age and solar panels as for the millionaires and as soon as a price appears on the page it can become increasingly hard to advertise.

For that reason, many companies can find it hard to make the intended impact when it comes to advertising sustainability. It’s much harder to advertise something when people are sceptical of how useful it even is. You might know how important it is; many people still don’t have 100% faith in it which makes advertising challenges.

Subscription Boxes

These have blown up and while many younger people will see the value in the pick-n-mix nature of subscription boxes, a lot of people think they are pointless. To help you make sure that you can give people a better understanding of your business, many subscription box services need to try and advertise about how easy it is to get out of.

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That’s depressing in a way, but one of the most common challenges that are seen in this industry is convincing people it is worth their money. Most people wonder why they can’t just buy it all themselves whenever they want, so the main challenge in advertising in this industry is showing people its a novelty without making it sound pointless.

Cannabis Industry

The cannabis and recreational drug industry are undergoing a wholesale shift in how it is viewed, and many companies are beginning to see huge challenges in advertising. Many people still view it with a furrowed brow and old-school skepticism, so it is hard to make claims or to positively sell something that got you in jail not too long ago.

This is a major challenge for the industry and will need to be overcome for the legality of cannabis to continue to grow. With every failed campaign, another critic feels like they have won in making sure that cannabis usage does not become normalized.

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Any business today has to be serious about making its advertising to be harmonious, honest, and enjoyable. That is easier said than done, especially in new industries that people don’t really trust or believe in yet.

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You can change that by slowly but surely asserting the positives, whether you sell wind farms or water bongs. Take the time to look around at how the competition abroad in countries with more open mindsets are doing it, and you might just find the key to making a slogan a success.