Advantages of Using an SQL Server


SQL servers have a lot to offer organizations of all sizes. But unless you have had hands-on experience of one in the past, you may not appreciate the benefits they can bring to the table.

To demystify this type of tech. Here is a quick rundown of the perks that a well-managed SQL server can provide.

Advantages of Using an SQL Server

Fast, efficient database management

SQL is the preferred language for wrangling large volumes of data in a variety of contexts. In part because it is well equipped to manage structured data efficiently and provide access to relevant records fairly quickly.

Of course, you need to make sure that your SQL server is well optimized, both in terms of its software and hardware configuration. There are lots of monitoring tools available, such as SQL Sentry from SentryOne. And it makes sense to work out your expected ROI with SQL Sentry. To determine which will be the best one to invest in from a financial perspective.

Whatever the case, a precisely piloted SQL server can be a hugely impactful asset for businesses. Especially who want to harness data as effectively as possible, whether for mission-critical purposes or for pursuing potentially fruitful side projects.


Modern SQL servers can be hosted internally on local hardware or outsourced to a remote solution. If you would prefer to embrace the evolving cloud era.

It is even possible to take advantage of a hybrid setup. Where your server occupies the middle ground between a private and a public cloud configuration. Giving you the best of both worlds in terms of control over the hardware and software. As well as the resilience and reliability of a platform managed by a third-party provider.

This flexibility also extends to the extent to which you need to dabble in the technical underpinnings of your SQL server. If you want to get hands-on and take charge of all the variables in-house. This is, of course, possible thanks to the various open-source SQL solutions that exist. Alternatively, you can commit to a package offered by one of the big brands like Microsoft and leave the more complex aspects to someone else.


One of the perks of SQL as a language is that it is not as tricky to get to grips with as some of the alternative options. This means that if you do decide to make your own changes. And optimizations to the way that data is stored, organized and managed, or fix any inefficiencies or conflicts that arise within the code. You have the opportunity to do so without having to undergo years of training.

Different SQL server solutions will allow varying degrees of tinkering to be done. Of course, and there are vulnerabilities to take into account. SQL remains an excellent ally of businesses to take back control of data management and server performance.

Security & recoverability

Having hinted at the issue of security in relation to SQL servers. It is worth noting that in their current guise there are ample tools and solutions available. It ensures individual & company data is protected against cyber threats.

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More importantly, an SQL server can also be an integral part of any continuity plan. Making it possible to backup vital data with ease. Perform restoration during hardware failure, network outage, or some other disaster.

Few firms can afford to take the financial and reputation hit that comes with a breach. So such considerations with regards to server choice are more important than ever.