How the Advancement of Technology Has Changed How We Work


Technology is an ever-changing beast. What was once considered cutting edge just a few years ago is now considered old and antiquated. Technological advancements have an ever-changing effect on our day to day work life as well. stated that although technology removes the need for some jobs, it also is responsible for creating new ones. However, the question still remains how the advancement of technology has changed the way we work.


As technology continues to grow so do the benefits included in its day to day use. For example, we are no longer tethered to just one desk, work area, or cubicle. With the advancements in Wi-Fi, our choices for a work area or workspace are endless. We now have the option to take our work with us when say we decide we need a cup of coffee. This in itself has moved coworking spaces into a whole new realm.

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Location, location, location

According to Home Business Mag, just a short decade ago most people would not have even thought of having the choice of working from the comfort of their home. However, today there are virtually millions of people doing that very thing in every corner of the globe. Although this route is much more economical for the employer, as they keep down on the overhead of having a physical location along with the equipment to run their business, there are downfalls for the employees.

Studies have shown that most at home workers tend to stay attached to their work longer than those in an office setting, being that they never actually leave the “office”.  Because of this attachment, workers don’t take the breaks they need to remain efficient at their job.

Even More Personalized Service

With the advancement of technology, personalized service made a major change. Introducing the process of a personalized log in on most websites, along with a password, personal service was able to move to a whole new level. Companies now offer consumers the convenience of creating wish lists, wedding registries along with the usual shopping online.

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Recently included into the mix are the added abilities to rent or buy movies, buy a digital version of the latest paperback release, or even shop for groceries online. With these conveniences, workers are able to streamline what was once a very hectic, trying necessity to everyday life.


No area of the internet has benefited more from the advancement of technology than the introduction of social media. With such sites as Facebook Twitter and Instagram, consumers have the ability of instantly sharing almost anything at any time of the day. However, it is not just the private sector that reaps these benefits as most days to day businesses make use of the same social networks.

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What once took weeks for a business to inform or update their customers, can now be achieved through just a few simple keystrokes. Social media could probably be said to be the most influential advancement in how we perform our jobs as well as move through our day to day lives.

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, there will be those who see the changes as benefits as well as others viewing them as disadvantages. When it comes to how technology affects how we complete our work, we must see it as a benefit and advancement. Anything that can help with the day to day management of the workflow within the workplace can only help, not hinder.

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