How to Professionally Add Music to Your YouTube Video


You’ve got your video created and are almost ready to share it with the world. It’s been a work in progress for a while, but you’ve sweated and bled and gotten past your nerves and now you can’t wait to release it! It’s going to be the next viral sensation, for sure…if you can just get the right music in the background.

Between learning the technical process of adding the music that won’t compete with your content and then worrying about the legalities of licensing, getting music to go along with your video is not quite the easy feat it sounded like before you started actually doing it.

Yet, if you want to become a hit sensation, that’s exactly what you have to do. The good news is that it’s not as hard as it seems, so if you want to professionally add music to your YouTube video, just read on!

Why Do You Need Music?

Besides the fact that music tames even the most savage of haters, adding a gentle harmony or upbeat melody to your video has a lot of benefits. It may seem like a surplus and unnecessary step, but think about all of the following reasons to consider going that extra distance:

Music helps you to build your brand. Think about what your favorite TV show was when you were growing up. When you think about that same show today, you probably associate it with the theme song that played every time you watched it. The producers knew what they were doing.

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The same thinking applies to your own videos. Professional YouTubers pay attention to the little details. They know that everything from their logo to the clothes that they wear or the colors they display are important. They all work cohesively to form the brand that their audience will recognize them by. To establish your brand, you may want to consider creating a musical element that is completely your own.

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You can use music to set your audience’s mood. No, seriously. Think: Jaws.dododododododo…. It was one of the first movies to really develop a consistent melody to set the mood. In this case, when you heard those notes, you knew someone was about to get eaten.

Professional YouTubers and Vloggers know that if they want to create a mood that makes their audience more receptive to feeling a certain way, they need to incorporate the right kind of background music.

It adds to your video’s aesthetics. There’s a reason why so many videos and movies have background music playing. It just enhances the overall aesthetics of the footage. You are appealing to your audience’s senses as much as possible. You can’t get them to taste what you are offering, and they can’t smell it or touch it, but they can see it, and they can hear the music. If the music you offer is appealing, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say.

How to Professionally Add Music to Your Video

So now that you know why you should definitely go the extra mile and add music to your video, the next question is how to do it.

First, you’ll need to create a YouTube account if you don’t already have one. Gmail users and those with Google accounts automatically have a YouTube account, so you can just use that info to sign in. Google and YouTube are integrated together, which is great because it means that your video is going to get higher SEO rankings.

Once you’ve signed in, pay close attention to the rules for uploading videos. There’s an “upload” button on the top right and it’s super simple to upload a video, but before you do, take some time to learn the policies and procedures for YouTube videos.

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Especially with music, they are pretty strict about what they allow. You can only upload videos you own or have publishing rights for and you have to have the rights to the music you are playing. There are a lot of other restrictions and they are constantly changing. Ignorance isn’t an excuse, so stay up with those changes.

After you have decided on the music you want to use and uploaded your video, you need to click the edit button next to the video itself if you’re sticking with YouTube. This should open up the video editing tool and all of the commands you can use. Since your goal is to add music, you can click the “Audio” option. From there you will see the YouTube music library.

You need to ensure that you are using royalty-free music or music you have purchased the right to use. While you are deciding on the music you want to use, remember that you can either use the YouTube Video Editor and the music library that comes with it or search around to find one of the other options out there. Going outside of YouTube allows you to create your own music elements or have access to a wider variety of legally usable music.

Be sure that the length of the music fits the length of your video, then you can click “Add to Video.” From there, you can edit the music by using the “Position Audio” button. This allows you to trim the music, move the audio, and more. The “Only Music” option lets you adjust the volume higher or lower.

Don’t forget to save your changes before you exit out of the window. You can keep the video saved as the existing file or save it as a new one and keep your original file untouched.

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Videos and Music – The Perfect Combination

There’s a reason video killed the radio star – music and videos bring out the best in each other. When you use this natural connection to boost your own YouTube video, you’ll find a faster and further-reaching audience than you would have otherwise seen, and you’ll enjoy the process while you’re creating your masterpiece.