Acer Launched New Portable Laptop

Acer launched latest new laptop; Microsoft itself has now launched the new range of laptops with windows 10. There must be something which stands out and this can be a reason why Asus launched the latest new portable laptop with the 17.3-inch display. Asus launched Aspire Z3 model which is all in one. This trick has been used by Dell two years ago and Lenovo lead it future.

This new laptop is powered with 6th gen Intel processors and the battery last for 5 hours. This is a stylus laptop and it’s great for the designers. It’s fast and so one can easily perform multitasking. It has an SSD hard disk and has 8GB of RAM. The processors which power this laptop is Core Skylake or Celeron. You can expect this laptop to be in the market from this December and will cost around $680 (€599).

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Another product revealed by Acer is Aspire R14 notebook. This model is similar to the last model Lenovo Yoga. It now has a diamond cut design along with a smaller 360-degree hinge. It’s 1.9 KG in weight and have sixth gen Skylake CPU and SSD hard disk, it has an 8GB RAM. The screen display is 14 inch and Acer didn’t disclose the resolution of it. This model will be launched by the end of the month and price will be around $699.

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