A Complete Review on HP Spectre

While Apple has had complete monopoly over what you might think are your options in ultra-portable laptops, HP has come up with its own fantastic laptop in this segment. In fact, as per our reviews, HP Spectre can turn out to be a great competitor to Apple in the same segment.


The design is super slim, sleek (10.4mm) and beautiful. Made of aluminum and carbon fiber, the laptop is very light as well (under 2.5 pounds). The price range for Spectre begins at $1169, which seems like quite a fair amount to us, and very well comparable to the Mac prices.

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A 13.3-inch display screen will make you question your choices for MacBook is only 12 inch. With Gorilla Glass 4, the screen also guarantees an excellent durability. However, something that bothered us a little was not being able to bend the screen to the extent we wanted to. Blame the hinge, but it was tough working on Spectre while you were at a standing desk. Also what was a little disappointing was it not being a touchscreen.

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We found the keyboard nice and comfortable to use however it is not safe to say the same for the trackpad, which is smaller and can be irritating to work with.

With Core i7 processor and a whopping 8 GB RAM, Spectre justifies the statement that diamond comes in small packages. Though, don’t mistake it for your gaming device as it strictly isn’t.

HP Spectre is just another proof that Apple can still be competed against in terms of quality and products.

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