8 Sports That Will Help You Focus and Become a Better Student


If you thought engaging in sports could hinder your academics, you might be wrong there. Yes, it is true that it will take up a considerable chunk of time from your day. On the other hand, sports could also help you elevate your grades in school.


It might seem that athletics and good grades do not go hand in hand. But being a student-athlete could help you gain the skills you need to excel in your class. After all, if you need help with some assignments, the experts at EssayWritingService are always there to lend a hand. So in case, you want to take up sports soon, here are some options that would help you shine in your school.

1.  Tennis

According to the world-renowned tennis player Andre Agassi, tennis is all about overpowering your opponent with your will. It takes a lot of mental energy as well as coordination. It is a game that requires one to impede their opponent, at the same time dealing with your form. In other words, it is one of the sports that’s quite challenging for the brain. And as it goes, indulging in tennis will also help to sharpen concentration.

2.  Chess

Chess is officially recognized as a sport. And to no surprise, it is one that has plenty to teach the player. A chess match is like a puzzle that requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It teaches students that every decision and action have consequences, and requires careful consideration from multiple angles.

There is also scientific research showing that chess training can help improve cognition in students. It can also help with memory, and the intense concentration during the match will also be reflected in academics.

3.  Archery

The National Archery in the Schools Program conducted a survey on how archery impacts students’ performance in schools. The results pointed out that students have demonstrated a boost in their self-confidence and found the sport quite exciting. Moreover, archery has also resulted in increased concentration in classes. It is a sport that requires undivided attention, and the skill seems to benefit students in the classrooms.

4.  Swimming

Though not apparent to the spectators, swimming is a rather mentally intensive sport. You need to focus on a number of things simultaneously. For instance, is your stroke straight? Are you in the right form? Are you regulating your breathing? While doing all this, you also have to figure out the distance from the wall and hit the surface the right way.

Simply put, swimming is one of the extremely demanding activities for the brain. As such, swimming training can help students improve their ability to concentrate and learn in school. It is also associated with enhanced academic performance through better classroom behavior, school satisfaction, self-image, and self-esteem.

5.  Golf

In contrast to the popular misconception, golf is not always a relaxing game. For professional golfers, the sport could be taxing not only for the body but also for the mind. You will have to pay attention to the surroundings and make sure to adjust your strokes accordingly. Golf requires concentration and a thorough understanding of one’s environment. It also teaches patience, and these attributes can serve a student well in their studies.

6.  Mountain Biking

Not as common as the other ones listed here, but mountain biking is one of the pleasurable sports. Each trail comes with a new adventure, excitement, and a problem that needs solving. One requires immense focus and concentration that when biking, your brain will be working tirelessly to help you find the right way on the track.

In effect, it helps one clear the anxiety of their mind. Given the location, the oxygen intake can also help your brain function better, helping you arrive at solutions. If students face issues due to academic stress, then mountain biking is an exercise recommended to get a fresh perspective.

7.  Paintball

Yes, as fun as it is, paintball is also an extremely competitive sport. It will give you a variety of regular physical activities and serve as an intense exercise routine. The sport requires the players to strategize and communicate effectively while being constantly aware of their surroundings.

Moreover, students can make it into a group sport and help build their teamwork and interpersonal skills. The sport helps to increase endurance, strength and could offer significant stress relief.

8.  Dancing

Is dancing a sport? In many ways, yes. It is indeed an athletic endeavor that emphasizes physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. It demands discipline and practice. In summary, dancing has several benefits on par with that of traditional fitness training or other sports.

There are added mental challenges such as memorizing the routine, working with a partner, recognizing the beats, synchronizing movements, and even social skills depending on the dance. It can even help reverse the effects of aging. Students who take up dancing will soon notice that these benefits help them focus on their academics better.


9.  Yoga

Yoga might not be technically a sport, but considering it as physical activity, it has plenty to bring to the table. For one, students can do it anywhere, be it in their dorm or outside. You need no special equipment to practice yoga or no professional training. Most importantly, it has plenty of merits for both your physical and mental health.

Several studies point out that yoga can help in focus and memory retention compared to other fitness activities. Yoga practitioners can also process information quickly and accurately. There are also meditation and breathing exercises that will help students calm their minds in times of pressure.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of which sports you choose, it indeed comes with its set of advantages. Regular physical activity can lead to better brain functioning and give you a positive mindset.

You will be learning while doing, putting your observational skills, problem-solving, and strategizing all at once. Every sport demands focus and will remind you that you need the commitment to do well in other areas of life as well.


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