8 Great Ways to Bring Your Website Customer Service to the Next Level


Digital relationships are tough to navigate. Unlike brick and mortar retail stores, website customer service teams can’t show a warm smile to put an angry customer at ease.

In fact, it’s very easy for conversations to be misunderstood through digital communication tools. If you’re looking to take your website customer service to the next level, here are 8 things you need to do.

  1. Prepare for Omnichannel Communication

There’s nothing you can do to stop the avalanche that is omnichannel communication. The minute you opened up a Facebook page you invited customers to use the comments section of your posts to resolve shipping issues.

Don’t run from the questions, comments, and crises that will come at you from every digital direction. Instead, employ a team to track all of your online channels on an hourly basis to make sure you’re keeping up with engagement.

It’s a demanding job but one that sets the tone for how well your brand communicates. If you can’t manage feedback on one channel, consider closing that door.

It’s worse to leave customers hanging than to simply not have a presence on a certain social media site.

  1. Add Chatbot Support 

Human beings can only work so many hours in a day. One way to offer 24/7 website customer service is to implement a chatbot.

Chatbots have scripted responses that help your customers navigate certain problems. While chatbots aren’t able to answer every question, they can help reduce the number of service messages your team receives so they can spend more time solving complex problems.

  1. Learn the Customers Story

Ask about your customer’s day. Find out what drew them to your brand in the first place.

These are important data mining questions that help you build a deeper understanding of customer personas. Allow customer service to partner with the marketing department for efficient ways to log customer responses.

Casual conversations with happy customers help you learn what products and services are most relevant to your top customers and what you’re doing that’s better than your competitors.

  1. Ask Customers to Provide a Resolution

There are some conflicts a scripted response can’t solve. Be sure to always get a customer’s feedback on how they’d like to resolve the problem.

There may be resolutions you hadn’t thought of but that doesn’t cost any money to execute. For example, a customer who was spoken to rudely by an in-store employee might simply want an apology on behalf of your brand.

Sometimes customers want to just be heard. Make sure you’re getting feedback when resolving a conflict. Avoid assuming there’s only one way to fix an issue.

  1. Add a FAQ Page

It’s not dismissive to direct customers to a web page that answers your most common questions. A frequently asked questions page can help educate customers while they shop cutting down on unneeded website customer service calls.

Categorize your FAQs so they are easy to navigate. If you offer a complex set of products, it might even be helpful to add a search tool. Many global companies require a multi-step search tool just to find the category of products you’re using.

They understand that organized information helps customers solve their own problems faster. If you leave customers to dig on their own, they’re more likely to get frustrated and contact your website customer service team for help.

  1. Boost Your Data Security

Data breaches are nothing new. Even top brands struggle with protection against hackers.

But just because high profile data breaches happen doesn’t mean customers are comfortable with their personal information being leaked. In fact, customers might be less forgiving of a small or medium-sized business that has a data breach.

Your brand is more likely to look unprofessional after a cyber attack. Customers know that, unlike big banks like Wells Fargo, your brand probably can’t pay out millions of dollars in settlement fees.

Invest in an in-house or third party IT team to optimize your website customer service. Sometimes the best services you offer customers are the ones they never know about.

  1. Add a Privacy Policy

Most websites offer a privacy policy to reassure customers they are paying attention to the latest digital legislature. Privacy policies outline how you plan to protect data and what liability you assume in case anything goes wrong.

But the main thing you’re promising with a privacy policy is that you aren’t desperate enough to sell their information to third parties. If you can make this promise, you’re winning.

Customers don’t expect their information to be stolen, but most have experienced entering personal details on one site and receiving an overload of spam in exchange.

Show your customers you respect their privacy by explaining your commitment to never give away their contact information without expressed consent. If you have a membership signup form, always give customers the option of signing up for your marketing communications.

Don’t assume that because a customer makes a purchase from you that they want to subscribe to your newsletter or get regular calls about promotions.

  1. Be a Human

Avoid fancy jargon on your website. Yes, you’re experts in your field but you don’t have to prove it to customers with technical explanations.

Customers respond to brands that have personality and seem approachable. You can improve your website customer service by making sure all copy on your website is conversational.

When you respond to inquiries online, give the simplest answer. Remember, you’re a helpful resource to customers, not a professor.

Upgrading Your Website Customer Service

There’s never a wrong time to upgrade your website customer service. Websites that engage customers on a human level build credibility and trust.

Make sure your staff is flexible in resolving conflicts with customers so customers feel heard. Your investment in your customers is a gift that keeps on giving if you do it right.

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