8 Best HTML and CSS Courses for Beginners


Those who love coding will tell you that it is art. You get to create something from scratch. You get to define what it is, how it will be used, and who would use it. That said, it is also a highly coveted skill in almost every sector these days.

It is never too late to invest in coding, neither is it a bad idea. With the help of the essay writing service Essaypro.com, students can set aside their worries about assignments and focus on acquiring some new coding skills. For beginners, it always comes recommended to start with HTML and CSS to lay the foundation.

Here are some of our favorite courses available online to help you with that.

1.  Web Development By Doing: HTML / CSS From Scratch by Udemy

This is a free course offered by Udemy, which is designed for complete beginners. The program covers the fundamentals of both HTML and CSS. By the end of it, you will essentially be able to create your first website from scratch. You will also receive a detailed understanding of what a website is and how web development works. The only drawback to this course is that there is no certification upon completion.

2.  Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 by Udemy

This paid course is more advanced in comparison to the first one. Offered by Udemy again, you will gain in-depth knowledge about professionally building a website. The program will equip you to develop codes for a huge project and work with others. Designed by the experienced professional, Jonas Schemedtmann, this is one of the best-rated courses on Udemy. The program also gives you access to a free eBook with insightful course material, along with other downloadable resources, code, and design assets.

3.  Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization by Coursera

Created as Web Design for Everybody, this program has modules crafted with absolute beginners in mind. The specialization will reach you to work with HTML5 and CSS3, and use them syntactically correctly. You will also learn to create interactive websites with JavaScript. This course’s highlight is preparing yourself to build web experiences that are responsive and of high professional quality.

4.  Learn How to Build Websites on CodeAcademy

The beginner program prepares you to apply your coding skills to web development. The course is relevant for beginners as well as those with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. You will be walking through the basics of both languages and learning how to use CSS for colors, typography, layout, and position. Further down, the lessons will also teach you advanced CSS syntax, including transitions and Flexbox. This course aims to help you create your website with an emphasis on accessibility and responsive design.

5.  Fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Frameworks on Linkedin Learning

Paul Trani, an established web developer, has formulated this programming course for those with little to no understanding of web development. The tutorials will take you through a background of the internet and websites before jumping onto the specifics of HTML and CSS. The program will then directly take you to website creation. You will learn all about layouts, styling content, and website navigation. The syllabus also covers aspects of creating flexible layouts and responsive design. In the end, you will be finishing the lessons by uploading and testing the website.

6.  Web Development Bootcamp by Frontend Masters

Are you willing to dedicate a couple of days to immerse yourself in a complete coding lesson-plan? This free bootcamp is intended to give you a comprehensive overview of programming. The nine modules are spread across almost 22 hours and cover all the necessary coding aspects for web development, starting from HTML and CSS to Javascript. It goes without saying that if you commit yourself to this, you should be able to create a website on your own in a day.

7.  FreeCodeCamp

Unlike the other courses in this list, freeCodeCamp has a different approach for learners. This platform is entirely free for users and has different learning targets starting from the beginner level. You can decide which course to begin with and work your way up through the modules. Each of them has different challenges for you, and you need to complete them to get the certification and go to the next level. FreeCodeCamp is all about encouraging you to practice your skills, meaning you will not only be completing one task but will be honing your skills throughout.

8.  Unit: Intro to HTML/CSS on Khan Academy

Introduction to Making Webpages is a package that comes in a unique format. The program employs all that you need to know about web development through HTML and CSS. These highly interactive lessons are followed by creative challenges for you to complete. The coding you see often has a live text editor, which you will take over during the challenges.

Whatever your intention is for learning to code, be it for career advancement, or build your own website, it will be a fun journey. When you focus on each project, approach it with the idea that the rest of the world will lay eyes on your creation. That is probably among the best motivations you can hope for.


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