7 Top-Class Kickass Torrents Alternatives


You do not have to be a know-how enthusiast to master the details about KAT or KickassTorrents. This popular website offers you a complete list of magnet links and torrent files that also recognized itself as the most visited and popular BitTorrent directory, overtaking the famous Pirate Bay.

Regrettably, for KickassTorrents, its mercurial rise to popularity was short-lived, and the website hasn’t been available for over 24 months now.

There are new Kickass Torrents Alternatives that you can explore.

Kickass Proxy & Mirrors:





Several torrent sites have a lot of the very same content which had been available for purchase on KickassTorrent movies, and we’ve selected the top 7 alternatives to KAT to assist you to scratch the need that KickassTorrents’ disappearance that is caused by the scene would likely have given you.


List of RARBG Proxies & Mirrors:





KickassTorrents was famous for its large number of torrents of all categories. Lots of the torrents that are hosted by KickassTorrents were of poor quality, and sure even contained malware. That’s why a reliable weight of file-sharing enthusiasts has always preferred RARBG, a torrent index and magnet links provider founded in 2008.

RARBG present significantly more curated experience than KickassTorrents ever did but at the same time offers Kickass movie download fast and free. It focuses mainly on movies and television shows, but the site also has categories for adult content, music, games, software, and torrents that don’t come under any one of the classes mentioned above.

Apart from one week in 2008, when RARBG closed simply because of legal pressure from BREIN, the site has been available eliminating significant interruption, which is something that many torrent trackers can’t say.

2. The Pirate Bay

List of Pirate Bay Proxies & Mirrors:





Launched in 2003 but still, online, The Pirate Bay is undeniably the best-known torrent site on earth. Except for a short period when KickassTorrents controlled the industry of file-sharing, The Pirate Bay has always kept its position as the most visited and admired torrent site. Its users like it just not only as a consequence of the massive number of digital content it also provides but also, as a result of its founders, who frequently express concerns over aspects of centralization of power and are vocal advocates for digital freedom.

The Pirate Bay has got a simple layout that features much association with internet search engines. You can seek for torrent by name, browse torrents by category, or display the most notable 100 most downloaded torrents. To support the site, The Pirate Bay continues a crypto mining script on its official website, using its visitors’ CPU power to mine Monero (XMR), which is a cryptocurrency (open-source) that concentrates on decentralization and fungibility. Though you can block the script using an ad blocker, you should contemplate allowing it to run to aid this website.

  1. Zooqle

Zooqle is undoubtedly an emerging torrent tracker along with a fantastic KickassTorrents alternative. Although the website has over 3.5 million verified torrents, with almost 2,000 torrents being added day-after-day, Zooqle has until now attracted relatively little mainstream attention. That’s probably why it has proven to able to utilize a .com field. However, even if changes, later on, Zooqle already has several alternative domains ready.

For the best Zooqle experience, you should develop a user account, which will permit you to set up subscriptions and RSS feeds. Like that, you will be able to, for example, receive an alert when a new episode of your favorite Tv series becomes available.

4. 1337x

List of 1337x Proxies & Mirrors:





You’d be hard-pressed to identify a better-looking KickassTorrents alternative than 1337x. Since 2018, 1337x would be the third most popular torrent site on the internet, together with its charming design, which has something to do with it. Becoming masses torrent tracker, 1337x doesn’t specialize in fresh content. The website has several ways, from games, movies to applications and music.

Perhaps because 1337x feels so cozy, its users often leave comments below the content they download, sometimes discussing its quality and sometimes warning other users about malware. Most torrents on 1337x have a description and control, so it’s quite simple to pick something interesting even when you don’t determine what you’re hunting for.

5. ExtraTorrent

The first ExtraTorrent would be a popular torrent site, very like KickassTorrents. In November 2016, it even became the world’s second-largest torrent site. Nevertheless, it got voluntarily close down by its owners never even per year after it had reached the height of that popularity. What you can access today are various ExtraTorrent mirrors.

The type of mirror is https://extratorrent.si/, which, as per the ExtraTorrent IRC Channel, is the only ExtraTorrent mirror that’s powered using the moderators of the original site. Some ExtraTorrent mirrors have also been found to mine cryptocurrencies or distribute malware, so we recommend you stick with extratorrent.si to remain safe.

6. Torrentz2

Kickass torrentz2 movies download serves as a different kind of torrent site than KickassTorrents. It’s a torrent online search engine that puts together a lot of search engine results from various torrent sites, including lots of the included in this article. This makes Torrentz2 ideal for finding less popular content that may be available for purchase on one torrent site.

The only real problem is that the quality of one’s torrents found by Torrentz2 isn’t guaranteed. Because the search results commonly are not curated, torrents that will instantly get reported on other torrents sites are sometimes listed right along legal torrents, meaning you need to be extra careful of what you click on.

7. LimeTorrents

The past KickassTorrents alternative we wish to mention is LimeTorrents. Launched in twenty zero nine, LimeTorrents is yet another veteran of a given public torrent scene, providing a wide array of TV shows, movies, music, apps, games, anime, together with other content.

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Even though the main search page of LimeTorrents looks undeniably attractive, the age of the location becomes apparent once you look or look over a torrent. Despite its absence of polish, LimeTorrents remains a reliable way to obtain content. Therefore, we are only able to hope that it remains intended for another decade.

There is also a Utorrent kickass movie download option that you can explore.

Reason Kickass Torrent is Not Working Anymore

KickassTorrents first went online in November 2008. The location, that has been originally sold at the domain name kickasstorrents.com, went largely unnoticed through authorities until a series of domain name seizures via the State Department of Justice was launched against many other torrent sites.

Being a pre-emptive measure, KickassTorrents made a decision to move to the Philippines domain kat.ph. The site’s operators later purchased quite a few other URLs in numerous countries around the world and periodically switched between them to maintain the authorities on their toes.

The most critical sign of given essential aspects to come was the 2013 order from the High Court in London to block admission to KickassTorrents, along with two other torrent sites. Only a few months right after the law, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), us trade association factoring the six leading film studios of Hollywood, demanded Google delist the website of KickassTorrents from its search engine.

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It was continued as the cat and mouse chase for three years, considering the authorities and field changes so frequent each single regular users struggled to maintain up. On 20 July 2016, everything came down to a sudden and somewhat unexpected conclusion as soon as the America Us DOJ announced that it also had seized the primary domain of KickassTorrents and had identified the homeowner of one’s site, Artem Vaulin.

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Shortly after, Artem Vaulin, a 30-year-old Ukrainian man, was arrested in Poland by U.S. authorities, where he’s now facing years in detention. What’s interesting is the fact that the one that led the investigation against Vaulin has researched Ross Ulbricht, the creator, and operator of a given Silk Road darknet marketplace.

Final Words

KickassTorrents no longer is with us, but there’s no shortage of excellent KickassTorrents alternatives that offer precisely the same or perhaps even greater collection of torrents. Within this article, we selected the top 7 best KickassTorrents alternatives in 2018, but there are plenty more around the market. Remain as the primary goal that not all torrent sites are as trustworthy as KickassTorrents were previously, so you should be better off using only those listed here.